Check Out These Monument Sign Updates in Huntersville NC for Microban International!

Microban is a popular antimicrobial product that has commercial, textile, and health care facility applications. It is a member of the Barr Brands International family. When Microban’s global headquarters, located at 11400 Vanstory Drive, needed monument sign updates in Huntersville, NC, the business’ management team contacted our professionals for assistance.

Upgrading a Monument Sign

After meeting with our client, we learned that the sign needed refreshing with a new dimensional logo. The structure itself was in excellent shape and needed no work. We got started on the project and manufactured the required signage components. Now, the monument features the company’s name in blue letters as well as the multi-colored logo. Underneath, a dimensional bar identifies Microban’s relationship with Barr Brands. At the bottom, a set of black dimensional letters shows the address. The updated sign now accurately brands the company while assisting with wayfinding functions.

When Should You Update a Monument?

There are a number of reasons why refreshing the look and overall appearance of a monument sign makes sense.

  • Re-branding. If you recently re-branded, update your monument alongside your building signage. Even if the change is minor, examples would include a color upgrade or a font change, this signage product is a significant branding opportunity. Ensure that your brand display is identical across the board with upgraded style elements.
  • Missing features. We frequently see this with dimensional letters. Over the course of time, they fall off or get lost. If this is the case, do not allow consumers to see the unsightly empty spaces and form negative opinions of the company. Instead, call us as soon as you notice the problem to replace the letters.
  • Vandalism. Should your sign suffer destruction, we can help. Our technicians may be able to paint over the graffiti and repaint dimensional letters. Going forward, consider the application of an anti-graffiti coating to certain signs, which lets you remove the paint or marker with little more than a cleaning solution. When graffiti is a frequent problem in your area, we recommend the installation of an aluminum panel sign that is among the easiest products to clean and refresh after a vandalism attack.
  • Renovation. For the business owner whose building has undergone a renovation or whose landscape received an upgrade, it may be time for the monument marker to follow suit. When you evaluate the sign, does it look like it is out of place against the backdrop of your building and landscaping? If so, we can tweak its looks or replace it entirely to reflect the new appearance of your company’s setting.

Get Answers to Your Questions about Monument Sign Updates in Huntersville, NC

Our experts welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions regarding refurbishing, repairing, or refreshing existing monument signs. We can also help you if you are thinking about replacing this signage solution completely – or ordering one for the first time. For the business owners whose monument is getting old, we recommend a look at new technologies and signage advances that may suit your brand message better at this time.

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