Combining Custom Signs in Charlotte to Build Your Brand!

Companies recognize that brand building is one of the most important — and easiest — measures they can take to enhance name recognition and customer loyalty. Achieving this goal is possible when you find the right custom interior signs for business. Make everything from your lobby signs to your interior signage stand out when you work with The Sign Factory in Charlotte. Book a consultation and learn more about building your brand with custom interior signs.

Interior Custom Sign Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Our first case in point is Ernest & Young (EY), a company that has reached global acclaim for its broad range of professional services. Not too long ago, we installed an interior signage suite that perfectly summarizes brand building.

  • Lobby Signs. At the heart of any interior suite is the lobby sign. It greets visitors, has to present the company’s values at a glance and becomes the focal point of the reception area. For EY, we installed an acrylic and brushed aluminum plate of their logo.
  • Plaques. Expanding on the branding of the business lobby sign is a snap when you educate internal teams and clients alike. EY chose to display this information with etched acrylic plaques.
  • Wall Murals. Since community outreach is a big portion of EY’s corporate persona and brand, the company invested in a mural that shows off images of workers engaged in outreach. Explanations come via text boxes. The display takes up a good bit of wall space and piggybacks on the plaques’ messages. By layering multiple acrylic panels over the mural and attaching them with standoffs, the layout is visually engaging and appealing.

Choosing Signage Solutions That Interact With Consumers

It is interesting to note that EY has chosen to interact with its clients at the reception area level to drive home its branding message. Since it is there that clients will wait for meetings to begin, it makes sense that the downtime between arrival and interaction with a representative would make the ideal time slot for taking in the business’ branding message. That said, you also have other options open to you when you’re looking for custom interior signs.

Banner stands and wall posters educate patients who visit their physicians’ offices. Although there is usually a waiting room time, patients frequently also experience downtime while in an exam room. It makes sense to provide branding displays not just in the lobby or waiting area but also in the exam room. Retractable banner stands are perfect because they are easy to move and let you seasonally adapt your message simply by changing out the cassette holding the banner.

Also consider displaying posters on the backs of doors and on walls. Educating patients about various health issues germane to the physician’s area of expertise shows that your office cares about patient health. It also emphasizes the importance of regular health care visits, which augments the branding message you use in the waiting room. For other business niches, there are obviously other signage solutions and message combinations.

If we have inspired you to take a second look at combining custom interior signs in Charlotte, NC, offices, retail establishments, or hospitality venues, contact our graphic artists for assistance. The Sign Factory will work with you to narrow down the branding message you want to communicate and to identify the signage products that would be ideal for doing so. Book a consultation to get started with custom interior signs for your business!