Corporate Office Signage To Create a Professional Workspace

When you first opened your office space, it was likely empty, beige, and boring. Moving in your office equipment and some décor added a little flair. But, does your office feel professional, well-established, and trustworthy? If you need to build a more professional workspace, there are three main types of custom interior office signs that can help. As the premier sign shop in Charlotte, we offer all three.

  1. Office Lobby SignsLobby signs serve a few important functions. They greet your clients and signal to them that they have found the right place. Plus, they establish your authority and your presence in your office. Offices without lobby signs often feel temporary or new—and not in a good way.
  2. High-Resolution Office PrintsYou might want to print fine art for your office to establish a refined or comfortable atmosphere. Or, you could use high-resolution office prints to show off your best projects to impress or start discussions with clients. Businesses with long histories often have prints of their old location or milestones they have completed. These provide a sense of accomplishment and legacy, which makes the building look more professional.
  3. Wall Graphics and MuralsIf you want your customers to connect with you, a wall graphic is a cost-effective option. Put up a high-quality image of your best customers, your finest products, or the ingredients or locations that make sense for your business. This will engage customers in your business’ story and make them feel that they are part of it.

Not seeing what you need? We offer many other custom interior office signs that can produce the right office environment for your business.

Get Office Signage From The Sign Factory

If you’re looking for a sign shop in Charlotte, reach out to us at The Sign Factory. We offer a huge selection of sign types and can create any custom office signs you need. Plus, we can give you the design advice you need to turn your office space into a more professional, trustworthy environment that engages your customer.