Custom Lighted Building Signs Attract Attention in Charlotte!

Do you want your business to stand out and attract customers and clients when the sun goes down? Do you want to make your storefront a beacon for shoppers when the weather is overcast? If this describes your goals for this year, then you need custom lighted building signs for Charlotte commercial venues. The Sign Factory routinely works with entrepreneurs and business managers to create signage solutions that welcome shoppers after dark. You have plenty of options.

Channel Letters

Probably the most famous lit signage solution is the channel letter setup. The fonts of these letters mimic the fonts that you have chosen for your business’ persona. The colors, too, are customized for businesses that use this marker type. If you want the light to come from the front, it will escape from colorful polycarbonate facings. If you want the light to create a halo effect, it will escape through the back. The front will consist of aluminum that is painted in a color of your choosing.

Cabinet Signs

The cabinet is the quintessential sign for insurance companies and other businesses that want to list mottos, business affiliations and logos together with the business name. The light escapes through the front of the marker.


The monument sign of the past was made from brick. Modern markers may consist of foam signage or oversized cabinets that feature facings on both sides. The illumination hails motorists in search of the right location. These signs are unsurpassed when helping drivers to find your location during the dark or very bad weather.

Marquee and LED Signs

The most innovative custom lighted building signs for Charlotte are the LED marquees. Schools and banks are already using them with great success. The same is true for civic organizations and quite a few stores. When you frequently update your product listings, run great deals, offer deep discounts or have seasonal announcements for your customers, these signs get you noticed. They are lit with LEDs, which offers you plenty of illumination. In addition, the marquee portion becomes part of a cabinet sign that markets and brands your business.

Reader board signs. If the marquee is too bright for your needs, consider the addition of a lit reader board sign. This type of marker offers a white backdrop against which you have four rows (or more) of possible text. You change the letters to create your message. Some boards come with lit arrows. These signs are good options if you will only change the message occasionally.

But there are still other options. For example, did you know that you could choose to have plain dimensional letters installed on your building? These can then be lit up either with façade lighting or landscape illumination. Talk to our professionals for more information on signage illumination and lit markers. We gladly discuss your options and customize a signage solution that meets your expectations and your budget. In fact, why not have us come out for a site evaluation today? We will measure the space, offer you some suggestions and also show you how the proposed signage could fit in with your current color setup.