Designing a Quality Trade Show Display Makes a Difference

While it may not be trade show season just yet, it’s always good to stay ahead of the curve and start planning now. A quality trade show display is more than just frills and bells and whistles. You need to have a good foundation in place first, which is why it’s a good idea to learn (or relearn!) the basics. Doing this will practically guarantee your company’s success at the next business expo or trade show event.

When Should You Start Planning?

Ideally, you should plan for a trade show as soon as you know about it. Hopefully, that will be at least several months in advance. This will give you enough time to plan for the basic foundation as well as adding any new trendy aspects to your display.

You should always start with figuring out a concept for your trade show display. Keep in mind your budget, too. If you have decided on a concept and it works with your budget, begin with the basics of your display, like banners, tents, foldout tables and fabric throws.

Designing Your Fabric Throw

Once you’ve nailed down your concept and you’re starting to gather concrete materials for your display, you should get a foldout table. This will be what you place your fabric throw over.

As for designing your fabric throw, make sure that it has the essential business information on it that you need. Put your company name, contact information such as a phone number and website, and your motto and logo. Be aware of the size of your table as compared to the throw. If the fabric throw is too long, it’ll drag on the floor, but if it’s too short, it won’t look professional. If it covers the table completely, it should be all right.

Banners and Tents

Retractable banners are another critical piece of your trade show display. These come in two sizes: floor-length and tabletop. Use the floor-length banners to get people’s attention and draw them in, while the tabletop ones advertise more specific products and services.

Also, if you’re looking for an extra boost, try adding a tent to your trade show display. These don’t have to just be for outdoor events. Indoors, they simply help advertise whatever you have to offer.

Get a Fantastic Trade Show Display

Now that you’ve gotten your refresher course on the basics of a great trade show display, go ahead and give The Sign Factory a quick call. We are your source for trade show materials, so contact us now.