Do Your Lobby Signs & Office Signs Need An Upgrade?

When it comes to software, hardware, and equipment, businesses know that ongoing upgrades are part of the picture. Otherwise, instead of assets that drive competitive advantage and profitability, they will quickly become costly and risky liabilities.

However, there is another area where upgrading is important to the bottom-line, yet is often overlooked: lobby signs and office signs. Here are three indicators to help you determine if your business needs a signage upgrade ASAP:

  1. Your Lobby Signs Are Faded And Worn Out

Researchers have confirmed that first impressions are formed within seven seconds. That means faded and worn out lobby signs tell your current and future customers — as well as all other visitors, such as vendors, suppliers, strategic partners, and even your employees — that your best years are behind you, not ahead. Even if this is absolutely not the case, as the old saying goes: perception is reality. Upgrading your lobby signs ensures that you make a positive impression the first time, and every time!

  1. Your Indoor Signage Is Missing Or Non-Compliant

To avoid injuries, accidents, fines, lawsuits and reputation damage, your business needs to ensure that your indoor signage is sufficient, properly installed, and compliant with prevailing laws and regulations (i.e. all ADA signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters, etc.). It is also important to install wayfinding signs that point visitors in the right direction.

  1. Your Signage is Out-of-Date

Many businesses that undergo a change to their name, tagline, or corporate branding (e.g. logo, color, font, graphics, etc.) put off upgrading their signage to a later date, simply because there are other urgent priorities to focus on. However, neglecting this upgrade can be very costly, because as noted above, signage matters to customers and other visitors. As such, if your business has “kicked the can” for months or years on upgrading your out-of-date indoor or outdoor signage, then now is the time to fix this problem and eliminate the risk.

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