Does Charlotte Signage Really Bring in More Customers?

All types and sizes of businesses struggle to draw attention to their products and services. It is one of the major concerns that Charlotte business owners have. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to simply open the doors of our businesses and have people flock inside? I’m sure you have dreamed about that. I know, I sure have. But, the reality is that it is never that easy.

As business owners, we need to implement strategies that attract attention to our companies, as well as entice consumers to enter our businesses to make a purchase and hopefully become repeat customers.

One of the most effective ways of accomplishing these goals is by the use of well-designed signs that attract as well as inform potential customers of what your business does. Without signage, it is very difficult for people to know that you are open for business and what you offer.

S.H. Britt said it best, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

It’s statistically proven that the use of signage increases customer turn out. According to a survey on signage done by FEDEX in May of 2012, “small business owners who opt out of signs altogether leave behind nearly 60 percent of consumers who say the absence of a sign deters them from entering a store”.

In addition, research conducted by the University of Cincinnati indicates that 29% of passersby agreed to have entered an unknown shop or store because of the external sign used. The research also indicated that 49% of shoppers will skip a store if the signs are small, difficult to read or poorly designed.

Signs are definitely an attractive tool to market a Charlotte business. Signage comes in different designs and types, including the Light Emitting Diode (LED) type, Channel Letters, vehicle wraps, banners and window graphics amongst others. Signs can be indoor or outdoor made to withstand adverse weather changes and time, thanks to the advanced technology used in their design. The Sign Factory is an experienced, well-equipped sign business that can help you plan your signage strategy.

The success of many businesses can be attributed to proper signage. The functions and advantages are many making them economically viable to invest in. As an advantage, they are affordable advertising tools. Compared to other means of advertisement like the radio, newspaper or direct mail, signs are not expensive.

The functions of signage to businesses

Signage is a necessity for any Charlotte business that is looking to grow and expand, especially if you have a physical location. Here are some reasons why:

Give direction

Signs identify, give direction and relevant information about a business. This is a fast way of communicating to passersby of who you are, what you do and where you are found.

Builds the image of the business

As a marketing tool, signage, particularly in Charlotte NC vicinity, builds images of companies. They help businesses identify their market segment by an appropriate design and color use that have the psychological impact on certain demographic groups.

Enhance impulse business

Documented research shows that 50% of sales are by impulse buyers thanks to good signage. All businesses will strive to ensure they generate more sales no matter the means. Signage, therefore, is one of the appropriate ways of enhancing sales.

An attractive sign that is professionally custom made, can help your business stand apart from the competition. Signage attracts customers and can help plant the seed for future sales. The Sign Factory is here to help you create signage that compliments the image you want to convey to consumers so that you can bring in more sales. Give us a call at 704-321-0400.