Entice, Advertise and Brand with Window Graphics in Ballantyne NC

The combination of Class A office space and ample shopping locales has created a need for brand-heavy window graphics in Ballantyne, NC. These are not your average cutesy decals and lettering products. Rather, they have to fit in with the overall ambiance of the upscale city. What does this mean for your business?

Putting the Brand at the Center of Retail Graphics

Standard window graphics frequently present with “buy me” messages. While this is most certainly the call to action that you envision, remember that your local customer base appreciates a certain level of subtlety in the approach. Thus, putting your brand message first has advantages.

  • Customers interact with your brand. By seeing your brand, taking in the graphics, and realizing how they tie in with the decor they can see through your store windows, the consumer interacts with the information you provide about your company’s attitude. Hip or retro, avant-garde or sophisticated, chic or old-fashioned, the branding creates an expectation.
  • Lettering emphasizes possible experiences. When you pair images with words, remember that brevity is an important aspect of success. One-word messages are ideal. Some local clients have had excellent success with words that appeared to dare the customer to experience a brand interaction.
  • Lighting matters. Consider the installation of spotlights that draw attention to the window graphics even after your store is closed. This type of after-hours marketing is getting more frequent now that the holiday season is quickly approaching.

Enticing Shoppers to Make Your Business Part of their Holidays

Retailers and service providers utilize window graphics to increase their share of holiday revenues. Advertising a service or product that is not usually associated with a holiday season can be difficult. For example, accountants can find plenty of interested buyers around tax season, but there are not too many folks who associate Thanksgiving with a trip to the accountant’s office. Counteracting this trend may be as simple as incorporating seasonal imagery with your standard ads.

By following this marketing approach, you succeed in having the consumer see the holiday mentioned at the same time as your business. This approach pays off when the shopper’s imagination takes over and s/he can connect your niche with a need that crops up around the holiday. For an accountant, this could be something as simple as pre-paying for a consultation that the buyer then gives as a gift to a newly married couple who is just starting out. Select window decals or opt for the design of a perforated vinyl window panel that connects your business with the occasion.

Buying Window Graphics in Ballantyne, NC

Contact our visual artists to learn more about the types of window graphics and decals that have worked well in the local business community. We assist you with the design of decals or panels that introduce or reinforce your company’s brand message. If you are thinking of adding secondary signage solutions such as A-frames and menu boards to boost the interest in your images further, we can help you with these products as well. Contact us today to get started on the project!