Exploring Unique Shapes and Materials for Interior Signage

When it comes to designing interior signage, thinking outside the box can make a significant impact. The Sign Factory, a local architectural signage company in Charlotte, understands the importance of capturing attention and creating memorable environments for your customers. In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities of using unique shapes and materials for commercial interior signage, showcasing how they can elevate your space and leave a lasting impression. Contact us today!

gather wemore sign

Custom Shapes

Ditch the traditional rectangular sign and consider exploring custom shapes for your Charlotte business’s interior signage. Unique shapes, such as circles, triangles, or even irregular contours, can add visual interest and personality to your space. Custom shapes enable your signage to stand out and differentiate your brand from the competition. Schedule a business consultation to discuss our custom signage services today.

nucon acrylic and metal sign

Acrylic and Metal Combinations

Combining materials can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior signage. Acrylic and metal are popular choices that can seamlessly work together to create a visually striking sign. Acrylic offers versatility and can be laser-cut or molded into various shapes. When combined with metal accents or frames, it adds a modern and polished look to interior business signage. Learn more today.

Pinckney Metal sign

Wood and Natural Elements

For a more organic and rustic feel, incorporating wood and other natural elements into your interior signage for your Charlotte business can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Wood provides a timeless appeal and can be carved, engraved, or stained to match your brand aesthetic. Learn more about this unique visual experience for customers today.

transcore sign with backlighting

Illuminated and Backlit Signage 

Consider incorporating illumination or backlighting into your interior signage to make a bold statement. Illuminated signs create a captivating and eye-catching effect, especially in dimly lit areas. LED lights can be strategically placed behind or within the signage to highlight specific elements or create an overall glow. Explore the possibilities of this architectural signage option today.


When it comes to interior business signage, thinking beyond standard shapes and materials can make a significant impact on your brand presence and the overall ambiance of your space. The Sign Factory offers a wide range of options for creating unique shapes and utilizing materials that will make your signage stand out and leave a lasting impression on customers. Partner with us for custom interior signs in Charlotte you’ll love. Call today!

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