Great Uses for Vinyl Lettering in Mint Hill NC

What comes to mind when we mention vinyl lettering? In Mint Hill, NC, commercial venues, this product is frequently associated with the window lettering that communicates hours of operation. But did you know that it fulfills other functions, too?

Window Lettering is Still a Popular Use for Vinyl Lettering

Available in a host of colors, sizes, and fonts, window lettering is perhaps the most widespread use of die-cut vinyl letters. Any business with glass panes or a glass door uses the product to display the company’s name, contact information, hours of operation, and occasionally niche-themed message. Some business owners have begun repeating the presentation of a building sign on their glass doors. Doing so exposes the pedestrian, who stands right in front of the firm’s entryway and can therefore not take in the building sign’s brand message, to the point it communicates.

Interior and Exterior Wall Lettering

Depending on your branding needs, we customize wall lettering that suits interior or exterior display locations. For the interior, we have manufactured lobby sign alternatives that combine a vinyl graphic depicting the logo with a lettering set up to spell out a business’ name. This form of display is a favorite with industrial sector venues as well as some avant-garde thought leaders in their respective fields.

Another use of interior wall lettering is to spell out mottos or mission statements. This practice creates a buy-in from employees as well as a brand message communication aimed at customers and investors. Place this information on a training room wall, in the foyer, or along hallways in your office. For exterior wall lettering, we have worked with business owners who wanted to augment their building signs’ presentations.

Floor Graphics and Lettering Wow the Consumer

Because it appears that the eyes of the contemporary shopper are glued to the cell phone screen, consider the power of a well-designed floor letter marketing campaign. Make shoppers do the double take with neon-colored letters that spell out original sales messages. Combine them with brand graphics that show products or co-brand your symbol with manufacturer logos. These products are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. In fact, some business owners place a few graphics outside on the sidewalk and then continue the theme much more heavily on the inside.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Adds Mobile Marketing Components to Your Advertising Tools

More and more cars now feature vinyl lettering in Mint Hill, NC. Although it is the most basic type of mobile marketing, it is also highly effective and turns heads. Identify your company’s name alongside contact information, online connection opportunities, and a brief niche explanation. Remember also that while the sides of the vehicle are excellent locations for this data, the rear window is a goldmine when it comes to catching eyeballs. Discuss the production of perforated vinyl window letters that let you see outside while those behind your vehicle take in a smart marketing message.

With so many options open to you, is it not the time to add some vinyl lettering to your company’s windows, walls, doors, floors, or car? Contact us today to schedule a design consultation.