High Resolution Office Prints


Office prints are more than just works of art. They become part of your interior décor and an element of your branding message. Together with your lobby signage, any wall murals you display and similar products, they assist you in communicating to your client or customer what your approach to doing business is.

What Are Your Options?


Acrylic prints

It is a common misconception that each print must be on vinyl or similar substrate. Printing directly on an acrylic panel (direct print to surface), on a clear acrylic panel and installing it with standoffs is a fantastic way of making a statement about your company. This option is ideal for industry-specific prints, images of locations where your business has expanded to and diagrams depicting product details.


Metal prints

When you prefer the look and feel of brushed metal, consider having your artwork printed on this type of surface. We recommend the use of black and white colors for truly eye-catching displays. If needed, we can add a touch of sepia tones to give it an old-world monochrome photography quality.

Canvas prints

Canvas material elevates any image to a museum-quality showpiece. We have created collages from company owners’ photos. When you prefer digital prints of famous artwork, location shots or simply modern artistic expressions, the use of canvas is ideal. This type of artwork may be framed or left bare since the image stretches around the entirety of the surface. Install this in a boardroom, the CEO’s office or your lobby.

Paper prints

Of course, we also print directly on high-quality paper. Framed and installed with offsets, this product is what you now commonly associate with the motivational posters you see in break rooms and training venues.

Who Orders High-resolution Office Prints?

You can find prints that depict a broad range of subjects, products and artwork offerings in virtually all types of offices. From the law firm over the physician’s office to the conference room of a CPA or investment company, this product does not go out of style. Our experts are well versed in creating print presentations for long hallways, conference rooms, lobbies and patient exam rooms. We also specialize in the creation of event-specific office prints to embolden your locations atmosphere that underscores the tenor of the event.

We proudly serve the business communities in and around Charlotte, the Carolinas and Nationwide.


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