HOA Monument Sign for Berkeley Commons in Norcross GA

The upscale community of Berkeley Commons was in need of a monument sign that would fit perfectly into its well-manicured landscaping. This was not the locale where just any type of marker would do. The Sign Factory, which has built a stellar reputation for creating excellent HOA monument signs for Norcross, GA, received the call for assistance.

How to Decide on a Monument Sign Style

We visited the HOA representatives for a site evaluation. Although pictures work well, it is always better to visit a location in person to get a good feel for the atmosphere and the most appropriate signage designs for the area. We immediately noticed the building styles, the presence of bricks and the gorgeous landscaping that combined a broad range of flowers and grasses.

Not surprisingly, the client decided on an old-world look with a red brick monument and cream-colored signage facing. This color detail beautifully matches the cream-colored accent pieces on the brick monument. The facing of the marker displays the community’s name and logo. It brands the neighborhood and provides wayfinding assistance for visitors and prospective residents.

Selecting Your Monument Sign

We’re happy the sign is part of the slideshow on their website!

When you are ready to add a monument sign to your business, community or apartment building, you have plenty of options. Berkeley Commons selected a brick and concrete look. It fits perfectly into the setting. Concrete has the advantage of being highly durable, long-lasting and easy to refurbish as needed. Yet if concrete is simply not what you have in mind, there are others options as well.

  • Foam. You may now choose from blank pre-formed foam monument signs. They come in a broad range of sizes and shapes, which makes them suitable for any property and setting. Choose the low ones for the entry to a parking lot or the tall ones for an excellent wayfinding and branding assistance tool against the backdrop of a cove of large older trees.
  • Panel makeup. Routed panels are now all the rage. They are rustic, offer a whimsical appeal in historic parts of town and allow for colorful and artistic displays of your company’s name and logo. Then again, you might opt for an acrylic facing with a vinyl overlay. There are plenty of material combinations that get your information across.
  • Unconventional looks. Some community management companies have done away with the traditional look of a monument sign in favor of a post and panel marker. This is no problem! In fact, choosing this setup allows for the addition of extra panels to provide wayfinding assistance.
  • Modern looks. Perhaps you want to alert residents or customers to timely specials or must-know facts. LED and reader boards work well in this setting. They are easy to incorporate into any type of monument marker.

Getting Started

The monument signs Norcross, GA, neighborhoods and businesses order are as unique as the properties that they serve to identify. Call us today for more information on these markers and to get started on your order. We handle the design, permitting, manufacturing as well as the installation process.