How a Charlotte Commercial Sign Company Can Brand your Business

Branding is so important in commercial business today. Simply put it is the way a customer perceives your business. Having a recognizable brand is a factor for any successful business. Make your mark and show clients that your business is grounded and what you provide.

Branding consists of many different aspects. We all know advertising is what draws customers in. However, you also want them to come back, so branding will help develop the credibility that is needed. There are several important keys to branding, but The Sign Factory’s specialty is meeting your signage needs.

Using these eye-catching signs will ensure that you will get your brand out to your clients. With so many sign choices it is hard to pick which one may work best for your business. Thankfully, we are here to help you with your options.

  • Vehicle wraps: If you have a company vehicle, vehicle wraps are the perfect key to displaying your brand in this area. With over 770,000 people in Charlotte, your vehicle could be seen by thousands while traveling around. This tool is becoming increasingly popular because it has been proven to truly bring in results.
  • Lobby signage: Have a lobby? Lettering or lobby signs would provide the information clients need as they come in your door. In addition to aiding in your branding needs, lobby signs can serve as informative or directional tools, safety precautions or to display the name of your company.
  • Building signs: Building signs are often what consumers first see when passing your business. These visuals make an impression in their mind and aid as a reminder that you are there each time they pass.
  • Window graphics. They can be used indoor or outdoor and are extremely durable and will last for years. They work well on any window to display your logo, promotions, company information and other information. When window graphics are created with your logo, fonts and colors in mind, your branding is further enhanced and can make a greater impression in people’s minds.

The relationship with your commercial sign company is an incredibly important aspect in branding. Using the same sign company for all your signage needs will ensure brand consistency.

When working with The Sign Factory, we would have all of your information; colors, logo, font sizes and specific shapes in our records. This will ensure that if you need to add more signs or replace existing signs for your business it will be an easy process. No need to worry if you do not have the appropriate logo files as we would have them already.

We can also help educate you on how to brand your business efficiently. Credibility does not happen overnight. That being said, branding is a key component as your business grows. Your clientele will come to know what you stand for and trust in your brand. With our team of experts in sales, graphic design, marketing and sign making, The Sign Factory offers the best options for branding a business in Charlotte. Make that call at 704-321-0040 now and let’s get started branding your commercial business.