How to Find the Best Sign Company in Matthews NC

Situated in Mecklenburg County, Matthews is home to the Family Dollar Stores headquarters. Other notable companies that have set up shop within its city limits include Harris Teeter and Pokertek. The community enjoys the picturesque surroundings and takes full advantage of its large artisan population and their programs. There are artist highlights, food truck Fridays and quite a few bicycling enthusiasts.

Entrepreneurs and companies doing business in the area will do well to work with a signage company that understands the local vibe and stays abreast of changes within the legal landscape governing permitting. So, what skills should the best sign company for Matthews, NC, posses?

Legal Knowledge

An extensive collection of codes specifies the size of exterior signs, their mounting locations and their heights. For interior products, too, some codes govern permissible displays. In addition to local codes, there are the federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Compliance calls for proper signage manufacturing techniques, mounting heights and locations. If you do business with a company doing signs, this knowledge is vital.

Local Vibe

A company that has working relationships with Matthews government officials also has working relationships with local business owners. This makes the company familiar with the local preference for signage, the markers that work well and those that simply fall flat. For example, Matthews is not the type of place to embrace minimalist glass and steel. Instead, routed foam, backlit channel letters and dimensional letters with prismatic faces are much more in keeping with the area.

Business Focus

Local employers include Home Depot and Sam’s Club. These are national chains with signage product requirements that the headquarters set forth. Your professionals should be able to work with third parties such as national headquarters and franchise offices to receive instruction for signage colors, shapes and placement.

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is the decision to hire an online sign maker for localized markers. While the cost is certainly much lower than working with a local business that also handles permitting (when required) and professional installation, there are secondary costs that will crop up for sure. For example, the DIY placement of vehicle graphics and lettering presents problems to the business owner who has never worked with the vinyl before. This makes it questionable whether the weekend outing to the Matthews Auto & Motorcycle Classic with a treated car really will pay off. A costly removal or replacement of the vinyl may be an added expense.

The same problem arises when Internet-ordered trade show graphics do not present well at the Spring BeachFest simply because the business owner does not understand the current display direction that industry insiders are taking. Do not let this happen to you; work with someone who knows the laws, the local business climate and the trends. At the Sign Factory, we believe to be the best sign company in Matthews, NC. However, we do a lot more than just make this bold statement. We actually back it up with facts. Call us today for more information on our services.