Is Your Business Up-to-Date on ADA Signs in Charlotte NC?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes what constitutes a compliant signage presentation. There are pre-determined mounting locations and heights, font selections, color contrasts, and a variety of other conditions you need to meet. Not surprisingly, the majority of business owners worry about crossing their “Ts” and dotting their “Is” when planning for this signage product. But did you know that we can take the worry out of compliance? Here is how we help you with ADA signs in Charlotte, NC.

We Help You Save Money and be in Compliance

Our sign specialists visit your location for a survey. During this time, we catalog the ADA signs you already have in place. We verify locations, installation heights, the overall compliance of the signage, and make a note of missing products. Next, we sketch out drafts of signage that would not only meet the requirements of the Act but also incorporate your brand message.

Design Options that Incorporate ADA Markers Seamlessly into any Interior Décor

You no longer need to be content with nondescript signage. Instead, let it contribute to the overall atmosphere of your setting. We use several materials and design choices to accomplish this feat.

  • Acrylic. Layering acrylic letters, symbols, and dots on an acrylic board is a favorite method of presenting the information. For the color contrast, we can use the wall color as a base and then choose a different tone for the lettering. In the alternative, we can paint the acrylic in one color and contrast it with a different hue for the letters.
  • Metal. Layering is a good option, but it is not the only one. For example, cast metal plaques are an excellent choice. These products combine elegance with durability for a display that gets attention and complies.
  • Frames and inserts. If you anticipate changing room numbers or uses, we recommend investing in a frame setup that lets us install the sign holders in the right locations at appropriate heights. From there, it is a snap to move the imprinted and layered inserts. Choose from thinner aluminum or acrylic for best results.

Going Beyond the Letter of the Law

You will be surprised to learn how few signs have to comply with the Act. That said, more and more business owners now include other markers in their interpretation of compliance to make their venues friendlier for use by those consumers who have visual impairments. Doing so is an excellent way of generating goodwill within the community. It also ensures that everyone visiting you can independently navigate through your corridors and across sales floors. While you most certainly do not have to follow this trend, we have seen business owners who have succeeded in creating a buzz about their locations in this manner.

Do You Need ADA Signs in Charlotte, NC?

Discuss your signage needs with our business sign experts. We work with you to put together a product setup that bespeaks your brand message, looks great at your location, and follows the letter of the law. Call us today to learn more about your options!