Logo Lobby Sign Brands The PBE Group in Charlotte NC!

The PBE Group is in the business of providing the technology and engineering know-how to a broad range of companies that are in need of safety as well as product innovations. Their expertise extends to mining, tunneling and proximity alert systems. When this multi-national company needed a lobby sign for its corporate headquarters at 9115 Harris Corners Parkway in Suite 310, its management team contacted the graphic artists at The Sign Factory.

Lobby Signs for Industrial Firms in Charlotte, NC

Our signage pros have worked extensively with companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. One of our specialties is the design, manufacture and installation of logo lobby signs. When we met with PBE’s management team, we discussed the sizing and look of the sign that the firm envisioned. Due to the distinctive nature of the logo display, it was clear that this signage solution would have to draw heavily from the website’s display for inspiration.

We created a set of dimensional letters with a matte metallic front. It spells out the company’s name with the initials having the superior height. The well-known logo is displayed to the left of the lettering. It draws the eye and is clearly derived from the online display of the image. By having the logo seemingly float against the wall, it enhances the visual aesthetics of the lobby sign’s overall appearance. The combination of colors and materials with the slight 3D effect provides the setting with a visually pleasing wall product that is perfectly sized for its location.

Understanding the Importance of Lobby Signage

A lobby sign is not just a good idea for the sake of branding your space. Its value and importance go much deeper than this.

  • Meets expectations. Consumers have come to equate the presence of a lobby sign with a company’s professionalism. The more distinctive, appealing and professional the lobby sign appears the more likely a consumer will be to do business with the company.
  • Sets the stage for transactions. A sign that fits its niche perfectly with respect to material selection, sizing and color choice succeeds at creating a business-like mindset in the prospective customer. Its message encourages the consumer to expect to get down to business. This makes your representatives’ jobs a lot easier during their presentations.
  • Creates buy-in. Aside from gaining a new customer, the lobby sign reveals a little something about your company’s approach to doing business. The consumer makes note of the attitude your sign portrays – old-fashioned vs. avant-garde, out-of-the-box, traditional or timeless – and buys into your stated business philosophy.

Ordering Your Lobby Sign Today

Although it may seem surprising that one simple sign manages to convey so much about your company, it is true that with the help of a seasoned signage pro, you, too, can have this type of marker in your lobby. When you are ready to order logo lobby signs for Charlotte, NC, or its surrounding areas, contact our professionals for assistance. We look forward to working with you or your representatives.