New Business in Charlotte? Here’s Your Signage Checklist!

Are you ready to take your business from the garage to a storefront? Perhaps you have just found the perfect location and know that this is where your clients or customers will gladly flock to in order to buy your products or services. But how will consumers know where you are? The Sign Factory’s new business signage checklist for Charlotte, NC, makes this process a snap. Book a consultation and make sure you follow our checklist to get the perfect customer interior signs for your business!

Permanent Exterior Signs

You want to make sure your business’ name is displayed for all to see. Do not leave the building marker out of your initial site investment. Depending on the nature of your business, channel letters are popular and versatile while a lightbox cabinet may be another useful option. Dimensional letters are also a good option for an office, too. Then, for when it gets dark, illuminate your exterior signage with lit markers or another exterior lighting option.

A monument sign is another necessity. It acts as a marketing as well as a wayfinding tool for motorists. If your location is difficult to see from the street, consumers may not opt for a u-turn but simply keep driving until they get to the competition. Do not let this happen! Foam markers are inexpensive, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and professionally represent your location.

Permanent Interior Signage

If you are running an office, you need a lobby sign. This marker markets and sets the tone for the atmosphere of your office. It helps clients to form expectations of your company, which then make the work of your representatives so much easier.

Directories are another excellent interior signage solutions for your office or storefront. Make it easy for customers or clients to find their ways around the location. Remember that many of these markers must meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes the choice of fonts, symbols and contrasting colors. For a storefront, a point of sale signs, as well as aisle markers and floor graphics, advertise the brands that you carry and where to find your products.

Temporary Interior and Exterior Signage: Before and During Grand Opening Week

Usually overlooked on many checklists for new Charlotte business signage is the need for temporary markers. Since you want to hit the ground running, make sure that you build the anticipation and excitement of consumers. Let folks know what will come to the storefront well before you move in. Posters placed in the windows help you get out the word about your company’s name, logo, and the products or services you intend to offer. A grand opening banner creates a buzz as the big day gets closer.

Future Signage Solutions

You are now ready to get started on your order. Call our experienced new business signage experts to begin with your temporary signs and stagger your orders from there. It also don’t stop there. Work ahead to anticipate and future signage needs you’ll have. For example, if you know that you will be marketing during the upcmoing holidays, A-frames are excellent options. Trade show setups, too, are ideal for year-round marketing at exhibitions and street fairs and to help get yourself noticed by the local business community and consumers alike. Contact The Sign Factory in Charlotte today and book a consultation for custom interior signs for your business!