New Poly Metal Sign for the Tillman Lang Group in Charlotte NC

When you need a local general contractor for a broad range of commercial projects, the Tillman Lang Group is the professional you would contact. Located at 9123 Monroe Road, this company is licensed to do business in eight states, which is a small testament to the popularity of the contractor’s designs and ability to follow through on time and on budget. When the Tillman Lang Group needed an exterior building sign that would bespeak its ability to think outside the box, the management team contacted the Sign Factory for assistance.

Exterior Building Metal Signs for Charlotte, NC

Loyal readers of this blog already know that the most commonly chosen exterior building signs include cabinets, channel and dimensional letters. Yet there is another signage product that is gradually gaining in popularity among those companies where creativity is part of the business model: panel signs. For the Tillman Lang Group, we manufactured a poly-metal sign that depicts a black background and a red and white logo with the company’s lettering.

Visitors to the company’s website already know this look because it is an exact replica of the black frame the company favors and the red and white setup of the contractor’s name and logo depiction. Since the vast majority of clients who do business with this professional will have checked out the company online, it makes sense to have exterior building signage to reflect this look. The use of black is also considered highly unusual for exterior signage, which further enhances the wow factor of the marker.

Are Panels Right for You?

The increased use of panel signs is not an accident. These markers offer several benefits that perceptive company owners like to use for their storefronts and offices.

  • Unusual look. In today’s local business landscape, it is unusual to see panel signs. This almost inevitably results in consumers taking a second look at the marker. For the company that works hard to enhance its name recognition, this is a great benefit.
  • Large size. Unlike other signage products, the panel is large – sometimes six feet tall – which turns it into a billboard. Cover a large portion of your façade with a marker that is already considered unusual because of its design, and it makes sense that you get plenty of attention.
  • Pique consumer interest. For a business that relies in part on foot traffic from passersby, this type of signage can be a magnet. Curious shoppers see the unusual signage and want to learn more about the company and its products. Turning shoppers into buyers is only a small step.

When you want panel signs for Charlotte, NC, business exteriors, contact our professional graphic designers. We work with you to create a look that uniquely brands your business and highlights your logo and company name. In addition, we measure your façade to find the ideal mounting location for the signage so that it provides your display with the maximum effect possible. Call us today to get started on your order.