Next Up for 34 Below Nightclub? A Stunning Channel Letter Sign!

When the 34 Below Nightclub needed a channel letter sign, its management team talked to the pros at The Sign Factory. We had already helped the business with wall graphics and dimensional letters for an excellent branding setup. Could we do justice to the cool concept the nightclub embraces? Yes!

Channel Letter Signs for Mooresville, NC, Entertainment Venues

Bars, nightclubs, lounges and similar entertainment venues need to present their brand with highly visible signage. The competition in this niche market of the hospitality industry is fierce. Make a mistake here, and even the locale with a potentially highly popular setup is destined to fail. For the 34 Below Nightclub, the sign had to be eye-catching and indicative of the overall atmosphere within.

Our graphic artists designed a channel letter sign that combines the lettering with the logo display. It is thin, which gives the façade a sleek look. Mounted directly to the wall, the sign spells out the name of the establishment while also displaying the numbers. The combination of red, blue and white hues starts a branding dialog that the interior décor and signage continue. The unusual look of the channel letters is certain to draw the eye and make consumers curious about what they might find on the interior.

Signage Continuity Counts

There is little doubt that your signage tells the customer what she or he might find on the inside. The sign’s colors, design style and overall display point to your establishment as being a traditional lounge, an avant-garde entertainment setup or perhaps an after-hours meet-up locale. Continuing this impression with interior signage is a must. Sadly, it is here that the occasional business owner makes mistakes. To ensure that this will not happen to you, we have compiled a list of the three most important aspects of continuous signage.

1. Color coordination. The colors of your interior signage should be identical – in some ways – to your exterior markers. Even if you use additional colors on the inside, make sure that one or two core hues carry through to each signage product.

2. Font selection. Do not spell your company’s name with one font on the exterior and a different one on the interior. Companies sometimes make this mistake during a re-branding process. Change all the signage to reflect the new look.

3. Sizing. If you plan to display an oversized sign on the outside, follow suit on the interior. An oversized marker is in itself part of a branding message that you want to continue on the inside.

Commissioning Your Channel Letters

Commissioning channel letter signs for nightclubs in Mooresville, NC, as well as for any other type of business, calls for the assistance from expert signage makers. We work with you to determine the right sizing proportions, explain the various illumination options and suggest the most favorable installation choice. When you already have interior signage installed, whether we handled the project or not, we offer you input with respect to the design elements that will make your channel letters harmonize perfectly with the existing markers. Call us today to get started on your order.