Nucor Brands with Acrylic Corporate Timeline Lobby Sign in Charlotte!

Nucor Brands with Acrylic Corporate Timeline Lobby Sign in Charlotte!

Located at 1915 Rexford Road in Suite 400, Nucor Corporation is in the business of recycling metal and making steel. Tracing its roots back to 1905, the company has had many interesting twists and turns in its corporate history, which all helped to make it an industry leader in steel manufacture today. To underscore its history and share it with investors, visitors, and clients at the lobby level, the business’ management team contacted our experts to discuss the production of acrylic corporate timeline lobby signs in Charlotte.

Clear Acrylic Lobby Sign Catches the Eye with a Layered Presentation

We started the sign off with a tall, acrylic panel. The product sits at the beginning of a long hallway, which features an extensive timeline using graphics and text. In this way, it reminds of a bookend that loosely functions as a visual frame. By using direct-to-surface print technology, we gave a textual framework of the timeline. It takes up the lower third of the panel. The middle consists of the printed and dimensional lettering that underscores the business’ top-rank position in the industry.

You will notice that the shadow play of the letters is quite an eye-catcher on its own. The upper third features the corporate name and logo in its iconic font. It is a brushed metal presentation that we attached to the board. We used a combination of brushed metal stand-offs and a hidden cleat system to mount the product to the wall. The overall presentation of the acrylic panel brings contemporary chic to the place but also piques the curiosity of visitors to the location.

Timeline Presentations for Your Corporate Needs

The combination of a transparent acrylic board with images and lettering on subsequently painted boards is only one approach to a timeline presentation. In fact, there are plenty of options.

  • Vinyl lettering. You might choose to feature an extended timeline that starts with the company’s founding and then continues through today. Display dates and events. For very long corporate histories, we suggest focusing on decades rather than going year by year. Vinyl graphics, rather than acrylic panels, are good options when your hallway is narrow.
  • Vinyl graphics and lettering. Plenty of clients have had excellent success reproducing images of CEOs and production equipment along the timeline’s spelled out dates and explanations.
  • Imprinted artwork. Another presentation would allow us to use acrylic or metal panels that we imprint with photo images. We can also use canvas or create etched metal presentations. Reproducing old photographs and documents in this way is a great opportunity for people to get personal with your company and its history. This type of display also makes excellent artwork for the reception area, which cuts down on the cost of other office art you would have to purchase.

Are You Ready to Share Your Corporate History with Consumers?

Whether you need acrylic corporate timeline lobby signs in Charlotte or want vinyl wall graphics instead, our experts can help. We assist you with the design of an impressive display that catches the eye of visitors and gives them a good understanding of who you are.

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