One-Stop Guide to Wayfinding Signs for Mint Hill NC

The suburban atmosphere of Mint Hill finds expression not just in the care with which merchants design their storefronts, but also in the creativity of directional signage they use as part of their customer service commitment. Since customers, who express frustration at not being able to find a store or office, are unlikely to come back to a commercial venue, it makes sense to minimize aggravation over wayfinding issues. To make this process a little easier for our clients, we have put together a comprehensive guide to wayfinding signs for Mint Hill, NC.

Wayfinding Starts on the Outside

Even if your business is easy to notice from the road, consider adding a monument sign to your landscaping. For a driver who is distracted with kids in the backseat, a missed parking lot entrance is an aggravation everyone can do without. Besides, the monument is also another opportunity to display your company’s branding and marketing messages on your property.

For the customer who walks up to your building, make it impossible to get confused. Identify your main entrance with appropriate signage. If you offer other doors that lead to different aspects of your operation, mark those as well. A well-placed post and panel sign in your parking lot can identify the best places to park for consumers visiting the various locales on the property.

Combine ADA Compliance with Interior Directional Signs

You already know that it is the law – and good business sense – to install wayfinding signage that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on the inside. These types of signs usually feature Braille II dots, high-contrast color choices, clear fonts, and specified mounting locations and heights. Select ADA signs to spell out the uses of various rooms and settings. Examples include permanently assigned functions such as a computer lab for a school, a closet, meeting places, and the standard amenities any building features.

Some signs do not have to comply with the Act. These are the types of markers you would install hanging from the ceiling or perpendicular to the wall well above eye-height of visitors or customers. These signs usually offer directional assistance that spans a number of floors or longer distances. Rather than labeling a room or function, they guide the way to different areas in your location. Blade signs offer the added advantage of being adjustable, which makes them one of the most popular signage solutions. If you need to add more information, just install another blade.

Buying Signs that Stand out Even as They Fit In

City officials recognize that it is important to maintain the ambiance of the city. For this reason, our guide to wayfinding signs for Mint Hill, NC, would be incomplete without noting that this mandate puts specific requirements into place. If you are uncertain whether your planned exterior wayfinding signs would pass muster with an official, discuss your ideas with our experts first. Our graphic artists understand the limitations officials have chosen for local signage displays and can help you navigate around them to feature markers that comply and look great in your business setting. Contact us today to get started on your project.