Real Estate Signs Get the Sale

An excellent way for a realtor to advertise a cool new condo, beautiful new apartments or a brand-new housing development is with the use of real estate signs. These range from the traditional post and panel signs that seem to be everywhere in the spring and summer to feather flags that loudly proclaim that there’s going to be new construction going up soon. Learn more about how these handy exterior signs can work for you.

The Classic Post and Panel Sign

A good example of a real estate sign that works well is the post and panel sign. These signs consist of a wooden post and a panel that displays information about the property being sold. This is a great way to advertise because post and panel signs are easy to display and remove, as well as the store for future use. You can even add a second panel on top of the first one, stating that a sale is pending or the price has been reduced. These can help you get the sale more quickly.

Feather Flags

Another type of real estate sign that is good to use in advertising how new properties is the feather flag. These flags are generally made of lightly perforated mesh fabric that is relatively lightweight, allowing it to be “feather-like” in the wind. These exterior signs usually have “NEW HOMES” or “OPEN HOUSE” printed on them, and are used to get people interested in coming to an open house or other real estate events.

Feather flags can come in different colors to suit your needs. They are generally weighted down with a water-filled base to prevent them from tipping. Like post and panel signs, these are also easy to both display and store.

A-Frame Signs

A newer trend in real estate signs is the A-frame, or sandwich board sign. When used in real estate advertising, these can be very effective at pointing potential home buyers in the right direction of a new house, condo or apartment. Just place the A-frame sign on the ground with an arrow as part of the design and watch the customers come in.

Get Quality Real Estate Signs Today

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