Sandblasted Monument Signs for Apartment Communities in Charlotte NC

Located at 4536 Randolph Road, the Randolph Park Apartment Homes are a Northland Community. Offering garden-style apartments and townhomes, these residences feature private patios, balconies or porches. Amenities include two swimming pools, pet-friendly policies, and a fitness room. When the community’s management company decided it was time to enhance the visibility of the locale with a monument sign, its representatives contacted our signage experts.

Dressing up an Existing Display Area

When clients commission monument signs for apartment communities in Charlotte, NC, they do not always need the entire structure. This Northland Community property already has a brick and mortar monument in place. It perfectly matches the walls that surround the community. We designed, manufactured and installed a sandblasted facing that prominently displays the Randolph Park Apartment Homes name. It further mentions the street number and the fact that the venue is a Northland Community.

The sandblasting process created an attractively recessed backdrop that shows a slightly darker color at the top, which makes the white lettering stand out. This manufacturing technique results in a 3D appearance, which adds depth to the marker that captures the eye. At this time, the panel acts as a wayfinding product but also as an advertising tool.

Does Your Monument Need a New Face?

Are you in the same situation as this Northland Community? Perhaps you have a brick and mortar monument or foam structure already in place. Updating the look is a snap. In fact, you have several options open to you.

  • Sandblasted panels. Take a page from the playbook of Randolph Park, and invest in a new sandblasted panel. Made to fit the space of your existing monument structure, the product brings a three-dimensional display to the design that is visually attractive and easy to read. It can be as colorful as you like it to be.
  • Routed panels. The opposite of the sandblasted panel is the routed product. In this setup, we cut the message into the panel itself. Filling the grooves with colors, opt for highly visible displays that show off your message.
  • Box cabinets. When you like the idea of bringing illumination to the structure, we recommend the installation of a box cabinet. LEDs on the interior, the cabinet’s facing illuminates after dark. On the facing itself, we can inscribe the name of a community, contact information, professional affiliations and anything else that you want consumers to know. Protect the longevity of the facing by adding an anti-graffiti coating.
  • Lettering. Channel letters offer you three distinct illumination options. They spell out your company’s name in its distinctive font. Dimensional letters do not usually provide you with lighting, but they create a good-looking 3D effect. Heighten this effect by installing foam letters with a laminate. Depending on the color and material you select, our technicians can amplify the visibility of the product with the addition of reflective paint.

If you are thinking of replacing or installing monument signs for apartment communities in Charlotte, NC, contact our professionals for assistance. We walk you through the design process and help you find the look that is ideal for your location.