Signage Makeover for VR Business Brokers in Charlotte NC!

VR Business Brokers is in the business of helping clients to sell or buy privately owned companies. Acting as professional intermediaries, these experts help consumers to understand the process of mergers and acquisitions. They also offer advice throughout the transaction. When it came time to add new signage for its Charlotte location, the management of VR contacted the signage pros at The Sign Factory.

Signage Makeovers for Business Brokers in Charlotte, NC

We visited with the management team and took inventory of the signs that needed an overhaul.

Conference room signage. We created a three-dimensional logo sign with the tagline, “VR Has Sold More Businesses In The World Than Anyone.” This expertly brands the company when discussing deals with prospective clients.

Lobby sign/Conference Room Signs. The lobby sign is identical to the conference room marker. The 3D effect is more pronounced and the glossy finish of the acrylic letters VR harmonizes well with the matte finish of the silver backdrop.

Door graphics. Using vinyl window lettering and graphics, we displayed the company’s name and logo as well as a niche explanation. Presenting consumers with this information positions the company well among neighboring businesses.

Building sign. A digitally imprinted exterior sign attaches to the brick façade of the office building. The lines a clear and crisp, which makes them easy to see for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Overhauling Your Signage

If the prospect of redoing your signage setup has sounded complicated and confusing in the past, consider that our specialists have ample experience with the design, manufacture and installation of signage suites. Companies usually request this service when re-branding. In other cases, they need new signs because the markers they have been displaying are past their useful lives. Colors may be fading, edges become frayed and some surfaces are discoloring.

Whether you need an office, retail or apartment signage, we can help. Building signage options include a channel or dimensional letters, box cabinets and display boards. On the interior, we can redo your suite and lobby signs, wayfinding markers and decorative products such as the window, floor and wall graphics. Do not forget to also redo your ADA-compliant signage! The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the requirements, and we can offer you recommendations on whether you are affected by any changes in regulations.

Starting Your Order Today

Whether you need exterior and interior signage for brokers in Charlotte, NC, or are outfitting a restaurant, church or school, we can help. We collaborate with your management team to put together an attractive look that bespeaks your branding and marketing messages. If you like, we can incorporate any artwork that you already have on file. When you are looking for something that is completely different, let our graphic artists put together a look that perfectly represents your business and niche.

During your client consultation, we gladly visit your venue to take measurements and get a good feel for the layout of your office. This allows us to adapt our advice with respect to color selections, textures, sizing and mounting options. Contact us today to get started.