Stand-Out Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs!

Made from wood, plastic, acrylic or metal, the dimensional letter lobby signs Charlotte, NC, business owners commission stand out – quite literally – because of their three-dimensional designs. Whether you appreciate the durability that metal brings to the table or the customization that plastic affords your business, there is a material that suits every need and budget.

Lobby Signs with Flair!

Adding to the useful nature of this lettering is the longevity of the finished look. Since lobby signs display well on interior walls, the lettering is protected from the elements, which allows you to enjoy years, if not decades, of continued use. Mounting options depend on the weight of the products. Lightweight plastic may be applied with double-sided tape while flat-cut acrylic can make do with silicone gel. Heavier materials call for stud mounting.

Examples of these markers abound.

South Park Periodontics

Flat-cut lettering is painted in blue and attached directly to the wall. Notice how the logo features silver coloring and embraces the SP of the name. The logo and company name combination is perfectly sized to take up space on the focal wall. A matte finish complements the look.


Mounted with half-inch stand-offs, these acrylic letters seem to float above the blue wall. They are perfectly centered and installed right above a seating area. With a light added right above the cream-colored lettering, the display is attractive and eye-catching.


When you want to go for a dramatic display, Flynn shows how it is done. Look closely to appreciate the depth of the individual signage components. Depending on the materials chosen, dimensional letters can be as thick as .25 inches or two inches. If you need customization that increases the depth, it is not a problem. We may have to adjust your material selection or our mounting methods, but we can create the dramatic appearance that you desire.

Polivka International

A dramatic display also calls for the right lighting. In this setting, the client requested a basic black dimensional letter display that would be entirely centered. We used acrylic for the manufacture of the letters. The light sources are perfectly aimed to create the type of display that is eye-catching and quite memorable because of the dramatic effect it creates.

When you are ready to add one of these types of 3D lobby signs, Charlotte, NC, members of the business community know to contact the pros of the Sign Factory. We have worked with countless business clients to create unique signage products that would brand and market their businesses while beautifying their spaces. Whether you like the idea of foam with laminates, solid metal or some of the more boutique materials like glass or bamboo, we can help you realize your vision of the ideal lobby sign.

Contact us today for more information on these – and other – signage products that help you stand out from the competition. We look forward to visiting you for a site survey and a discussion of material as well as color choices. We talk through the ideal height for your letters and help you to choose the perfect mounting option. After we sketch out the proposed signage to your satisfaction, we manufacture and install the finished product.