State Farm Agent in Matthews NC Shines with Door Graphics and Monument Sign

What do you get when you combine a cabinet monument sign with a door marker? The answer is simple: excellent marketing, branding and wayfinding assistance rolled into one (or two). Case in point is John Sullivan’s State Farm insurance office at 2940 Senna Drive. Located in the Bellasera Office Park, this office location needed to be noticed by motorists well before they arrived at the spot. When the agent contacted the Sign Factory, we discussed the various signage options for his business.

He decided on insurance agency door graphics. In Matthews, NC, office parks, these graphics make the location pop. Since he is located in a brick building, the red color of the State Farm sign looks great on the window pane that is set in an attractive wood door. While his name and titles are placed on a black plaque that is right next to the entrance, this marker is actually located right on the door itself.

Of course, getting clients to come into the parking lot in the first place took some wayfinding assistance in the form of one of our insurance agency monument signs. For Matthews, NC, these markers are a necessity when a venue is located in a strip mall or office park. Since all of the businesses are not readily visible from the street, the monument marker draws attention to the company and allows motorists to change lanes and get ready to enter the parking lot safely.

How can this combination of signs work for your company?

Advertise the Opening of a New Field Office

When working for an established company that has plenty of branches nationwide, it is easy to get overlooked during the opening of a new field office. Let your presence be noticed in style! Ideas for great signage include door and window graphics, channel letter signs for the exterior and a monument sign. On a temporary basis, consider adding banners and flags to let folks know that there is a grand opening being celebrated.

Pick Up Nearby Clients

State Farm has agents across the nation. When a client moves, this consumer may be on the search for a local company representative. No matter how good the relationship with the other agent might have been, there is something to be said for having someone nearby. Your signs signal the presence of your branch office, which may entice clients to set up their accounts with you now. This is true whether they moved from another state or just from across town.

Build your Clientele

How do you reach consumers who are shopping for insurance? The answer can be as straightforward as making your presence known. By being a visible presence in your neighborhood, you encourage interested clients to begin the dialog.

When you are ready to open your niche office and need some help with signage, our experienced door and monument sign experts are ready to serve you. Discuss the colors of your proposed signage, its target location and find out how a combination of different markers can really help with branding and the generation of name recognition.