The Power of Branding with Custom Signs in Charlotte NC

Working with your sign maker on a customized signage suite is a surefire way of successfully branding your business. Combinations create powerful communication tools that interact with your targeted demographic. Although the signage catches anyone’s eye, the targeted client or customer responds especially well to seeing multiple branding expressions. Not sure how to go about branding with custom signs in Charlotte, NC?

Cases in Point: 34 Below Nightclub and the Escape Hour

Initially, the management team of the Escape Hour contacted us to design, manufacture and install an illuminated cabinet sign for its Charlotte venue. We used the graphics that the company was using on its website. Since this is a lit sign, it acts as a beacon to those customers who made online arrangements for a visit. However, this company did not stop at the exterior signage. It continued its branding on the interior with reception area wall graphics. Adding this type of product to the lobby allows for a name and logo repetition as well as the presentation of a themed backdrop that sets the tone for customers’ experiences.

Another great example is the 34 Below Nightclub. Initially, the lounge’s management contacted us to get the interior of the space ready for its grand opening. Using wall graphics and a wrap technique, we displayed the name and logo prominently on a focal wall while also spelling out the “34” in a doorway. Next, we added dimensional letters on the inside. Doing so enhances the atmosphere and adds a 3D signage product. The nightclub’s management team was not done yet. Finally, we were asked to install a channel letter sign on the exterior of the club. It looks exactly like the mural we initially did on the interior. The branding circle is complete.

Try it for Your Business!

If you have been inspired to give enhanced branding with custom signs in Charlotte, NC, a try at your company, contact our graphic artists. Whether you are preparing for a grand opening, are thinking of adding the markers to an existing business or want to undergo a rebranding, we can help. During your client consultation, we visit your location to take an inventory of the signs that you already have. We also make note of the branding tools you use to communicate with your customers.

Next, we provide you with suggestions that open the door to a more comprehensive branding experience. Examples abound.

  • Matching an interior mural to a building sign. This signage one-two punch ensures that customers remember your name and logo’s display once they step through the door.
  • Combining window graphics with a logo panel. Both signage solutions will be on the inside. In this manner, you succeed in spreading brand awareness not just in the lobby but also in conference rooms and other areas of an office.
  • Communicating through wall art and graphics. Acrylic wall panels that depict your branch offices double as wall art. In a conference or training room, display wall graphics that show a globe and pinpoint your business’ expansions. The message communicating the success of your brand will be received quickly.

Ready to improve your branding power?