Tips on Caring for Vehicle Wraps in Charlotte NC

Congratulations on deciding to join the mobile marketing revolution by investing in a vehicle wrap! Under normal conditions, the product should provide you with around-the-clock marketing and branding for a good five to seven years. But did you also know that these “normal conditions” include regular care for the graphics? Case in point is the fact that you need to wash vehicle wraps. In Charlotte, NC, there is also the need to deal with sticky substances like particular tree saps. Do you know how to maintain your wrap?

Wash the Vehicle as You Would a New Corvette

If you had just driven a customized Corvette out of the doors of the Corvette Museum, you would take great care to keep the glossy color finish looking like new. Apply the same care to a wrapped vehicle. Do not take it through the carwash with the large brushes that have seen better days. Instead, wash the car by hand with a gentle detergent made for cleaning vehicles. Do not try to repurpose some other cleaning product you have sitting around the shop.

Make Wrap Maintenance a Regular Habit

Do not wait until bug splatter builds up on the hood and detritus smears the sides of the vehicle. If you had us wrap a work truck that makes frequent stops at construction sites, remember that sand is abrasive, and keeping it stuck to the vehicle’s vinyl cover is a bad idea. We recommend washing the wrap whenever you notice any dirt or at least once a week. Some clients have found that a scheduled vehicle cleaning is an excellent way to end a workweek.

Stay Away from the Three As

Three items will destroy your wrap faster than we can fix it.

1. Abrasives. Whether it is your fingernail, a scrubbing cleaner, or an abrasive sponge, the act of scratching the surface harms the good looks of the wrap. Minute abrasions collect dirt and make the product look unkempt even if you are driving the van down the street. Abrasives also have the power of lifting portions of the vinyl panels. When dirt collects underneath, it can result in material failure.

2. Alcohol. Although some folks suggest the use of denatured alcohol for cleaning, we are not in favor of this solution. If you must remove a waxy buildup, use a mix of two parts isopropyl alcohol with one part water. Rinse the area immediately. To be on the safe side, test the mix and rinse in a spot where the consumer would not notice a slight discoloration of the wrap.

3. Acids. Any solvent that gets off bug guts in one application can also counteract the adhesive that keeps the vinyl in place. When an acid is the only option, we suggest investing in a lemon-based car cleaning solution that is made specifically for the collector car aficionado or the application on a vinyl product. Rinse it off right away. When you stay on top of bug splatter daily, you are unlikely to encounter the kind of buildup that calls for these harsh measures.

If you have additional questions about caring for vehicle wraps in Charlotte, NC, call our technicians! We are always happy to offer advice or make cleaning product suggestions.