Traffic Control Signage for Medical Practices

When running a medical practice, it is very important to ensure complete safety in the parking lot of your facility. Whether you own (or rent) alone building with its own parking lot or you are part of a larger facility with a shared parking area, it is very important for appropriate signage to be placed up, in order to instruct those who are coming to visit you and your neighbors.

Through a few basic, yet very helpful signs, you should have no problem informing your visitors where to go, the best way to park and how to keep safe, all while doing it. The problem with many parking lots is there is no real set of instructions on the direction or where to park, and this causes chaos. To avoid chaos, appropriate medical practice signage is essential.

Traffic Direction Signs

When pulling into a parking area, the direction of traffic is not often known. Some individuals might drive one way, while others drive another. This not only makes it difficult to actually reach the front door of the building for pedestrians, but even drivers might become confused or frustrated by the confusion.

To avoid this situation, medical practice signage allows you to dictate the best direction for traffic flow. This not only keeps everyone driving in the same direction, but it should help with funneling traffic in and out of the complex or parking area. With the traffic direction signage, drivers should know which way to enter, which way to exit, and what ways to drive in order to follow through with parking.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is important to keep at the front of the parking lot, so individuals who struggle walking are able to make their way to your office without having to hike the length of the parking lot as this might prove a challenge and even put them in harm’s way.

To avoid this, the handicap parking medical practice signage should drastically help. These signs, placed at the head of the closest parking spots, allows you to show drivers displaying a handicap license plate or temporary banner inside the car, can find where to park.

No Parking Zone Signage

If a sign doesn’t tell someone they are not allowed to park in an area, chances are someone is going to. Once one individual parks in a spot, chances are another person is going to follow suit.

However, there are areas you may not want cars parking. This can be due to areas reserved for loading zones or ambulance parking. Also, no parking zone signage may be helpful for areas right along the front of the building as it blocks pedestrian traffic for their safety.

Reserved Parking Signs

Many medical practices may have reserved parking areas for doctors in case of emergencies. These reserved spots may be close to the entrance so they can quickly be of assistance where there is an emergency.

Parking spaces may also be reserved for staff or interns. Signage for these spaces helps keep these spaces open.

Stop Signs

Stop signs need to be posted in visible areas to reduce accidents at intersections, as well as at turns. Make sure stops signs are easy to see without being blocked by trees.

At the Sign Factory, we provide medical practices with their indoor and outdoor signage needs, including traffic control signage. We can create custom signage to suit the needs of your medical practice. Give us a call and let us know what your medical practice signage needs are 704-321-0040. We are ready to partner with you for your medical practice signage needs.

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