Types of Office Building Directory Signs in Charlotte

When you order office building directory signs in Charlotte, NC, you ensure that consumers who are doing business with your tenants to quickly find the right room. To keep things looking neat, consider changeable directory signs that let you remove occupant names as office spaces open up.

Basic and Advanced Setup Options

A primary index consists of an aluminum or acrylic frame that contains dividers, changeable inserts, and a non-glare lens cover. You would typically display the building’s name, your management company’s logo and name, or the primary tenant’s branding information at the top. Dress up the directory’s appearance with customized end caps featuring a broad range of materials. Adding LEDs will further enhance the functionality and good looks of the signage.

Choosing the Right Directory Display

Once you have narrowed down your primary material, it is time to think through the number of dividers your product needs. From there, professionals at The Sign Factory will provide you with further customization opportunities.

  • Colors. Brand your venue by incorporating your company’s colors into the overall design of the directory. The frame, backdrop or heading should feature your particular hues, which can further add to the pizzazz of your setting when you adjust the colors of nearby wayfinding and ADA signs to follow suit.
  • Slider size. A small slider may measure two inches by six inches. This size would fit into a directory featuring a large number of tenant listings. For a product that only identifies two or perhaps three office occupants, the sizing can go up to 14 inches by six inches. When you choose a wider directory, the width of the sliders increases as well.
  • Directory widths. When you anticipate needing to display at least four columns of sliders, consider a setup with a 50-inch width. A dual-column sign may only take up about 28 inches. That said, we gladly customize the directory to display with the height and width combination that makes sense for your setting.
  • Curves. We recommend choosing a flat display for large directories but selecting a slight curvature for those with only about five dividers.
  • Messages. Office buildings that fall under the “A” rating will frequently display engraved sliders. When a tenant moves, the management company turns the slider around, which now features an attractive message that encourages prospective tenants to contact a representative. If you have a lot of tenant turnover, we recommend the use of acrylic inserts that are less expensive to imprint.

Not Just for the Interior

Outdoor directories are gradually catching on at public places such as malls, airports and other locations where plenty of people meet up. We recommend giving this signage solution consideration for a larger property. Doing so is of particular value when there are multiple buildings on your site. Contact us today to find out more about how to choose office building directory signs in Charlotte, NC. We work with you to put together a look that allows for the product’s integration with your interior décor while being sufficiently noticeable to attract the attention of visitors.