Types of Store Hours Signs to Consider in Charlotte NC

When you want your customers to come to the store when you are open, you post store hours signs. For Charlotte, NC, there are plenty of attractive sign options. They are sure to be far more eye-catching than the fill-in-the-blanks products you get from the office supply store. In fact, these products allow you to communicate your branding message in style!

Vinyl Window Lettering for the Storefront with Glass

If you have a glass door or perhaps glass panes for attractive full-length windows, consider the use of vinyl window lettering. The primary display features the heading that reads “open hours” or “hours of operation” and lists the days of the week and the hours that you are open. But why stop there? Surround this listing with an attractive frame made from cut vinyl style elements. Combine this display with a repetition of your company’s name or logo. In fact, leave a bit of space to allow for the posting of holiday hours, if this applies to your retail establishment during he busy shopping seasons.

MDO Boards Grab the Attention of Passersby

A medium-density overlay (MDO) panel is paintable, features a weather-resistant coating and is suitable for displays on the exterior of your venue as well as on the interior. Attach it to the inside of the window with suction cups or hang it on a front door hook when your store does not have windows that allow for this display. If you prefer a smoother surface, we recommend the use of a high-density overlay (HDO) board.

Routed or Sandblasted Panels Bring Chic and Sophistication to the Mix

Choose wood or high-density urethane for the display of your store hours via a stylish and visually attractive sign. Routing engraves the information. We add color to the engraving to make the hours stand out. Sandblasting presents them to your customers as a 3D image, which is visually stunning. If you are opting for a store sign that uses this manufacturing technique, the repetition of the technique on a smaller sign will beautifully tie together the look of your façade.

A-frame Printed Inserts Alert of Holiday or Special Event Hours

Retailers who remain open longer during the winter holiday shopping season know that displaying changed store hours is a necessity. When you want to capitalize on the foot traffic that your area generates as well as on the desire of your customer base to shop for gifts and other products at that time, showing off the hours with the help of an A-frame makes sense. Insert an imprinted panel that displays the hours and identifies them as limited holiday hours only. By the way, this is also an excellent advertising option for the bookstore that stays open later during a book-signing event or for a different type of niche store that is open later for a special occasion.

How to Choose Store Hours Signs in Charlotte, NC

Contact the graphic artists at The Sign Factory to learn more about your options and to commission your customized business hours signage today. We ensure that the sign brands your store, looks great and enhances the visual aesthetics of your storefront.

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