Using Vinyl Graphics as Wayfinding Signs!

Vinyl graphics wayfinding signs for Charlotte are taking the city by storm. These are not the typical vinyl markers that you would find mounted to an aluminum substrate and then installed as post and panel markers. No! These vinyl products are standing alone. How do business owners achieve this innovative look? Where is it useful? Why is this signage solution so popular now? Your questions – answered.

Understanding the Look

When you have painted wall surfaces in your office or storefront, you have the substrate that is uniquely suited to hold your vinyl wayfinding markers. For example, if you want to help customers find the restrooms, simply attach the vinyl marker to a pillar that is located nearby. It immediately identifies the area. The sizing is negotiable. For the smaller setting, smaller graphics do the trick. For a larger space – such as a warehouse store – consider larger graphics to complement the high ceilings.

Appreciating the Savings

Since you do not pay for the actual substrate – you already own the walls in your space – you save quite a bit of money. There is no need to buy an aluminum backing or another sign set up. This allows you to turn around and purchase all the needed wayfinding markers at a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to spend.

Serving the Right Clients

There really are no wrong business clients for this product. Avant-garde business owners who love the notion of minimalism in design and décor love the fact that the signage becomes part of the wall space. Artistic entrepreneurs appreciate the fact that these markers can be worked into wall murals and other products. Moreover, the option of having vibrant colors affixed to plain walls clearly appeals to the artistically minded. In settings where there is a mix of concrete and glass, which typically defines modern office buildings, the idea of having vinyl wayfinding signs only makes sense.

Getting Started

When you are ready to join those members of the business community who feel comfortable with being on the cutting edge, you simply cannot forget about vinyl graphic wayfinding signs. For Charlotte area businesses, this means a phone call to the Sign Factory. Our friendly professionals visit with your management team for a discussion on the types of wayfinding markers you need and also to identify the proposed locations.

We conduct a site survey, which allows us to get a good feel for your space and the branding message that you are getting across. We look at the color patterns that you incorporate in your space as well as any textures. Next, we can discuss the sizing of the markers you need, the color choices that will look best in the space and also whether it would make sense to add texture to the vinyl. Only when we are confident that we have captured your vision will we move forward with the order.

We install the finished product when your clients or customers are not in. This minimizes any possible disruption of your business and adds to the wow factor your shopper’s experience when they come in the next day to a radically changed space.

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