Wall Art and Conference Room Window Graphics Great for Your Corporation!

EY denotes a member firm of Ernst & Young Global. This particular office is located at 751 West 4th Street. When the company’s management team was considering the addition of corporate wall art for Winston-Salem, NC, it contacted the signage pros at The Sign Factory for advice.

A Lobby Sign and Some Conference Room Window Graphics

The company’s team wanted to spruce up the look of its foyer and conference room. The areas are integral parts of the overall functionality of the space. They must, therefore, embody the EY operation and present with the mission of the business. We recommended a dual approach.

First, we created a lobby sign that is elegant and expresses the professionalism of the company. We used aluminum and acrylic dimensional letters that combine to display the name, logo and tagline. Secondly, we suggested the display of an integral quote and mission on the glass panes of the conference room. This space features glass on three sides, which provides an ideal canvas for the display of white vinyl window graphics.

The combination of the lobby sign that doubles as wall art and the window graphics that now enhance the presentation of the conference room are dramatic. Space feels tied together by the signage solutions and concurrently embodies the spirit of the business.

How Can You Make Your Space This Effective?

We routinely work with clients whose office spaces are functional but lack in visual appeal. Frequently, the reason is a simple mismanagement of the current set of signage elements. At other times, the problem arises because of missed sign display opportunities. What are your options?

  • Lobby sign as artwork. Tell the visitor or client a little bit about your mission simply by allowing your lobby sign to double as office artwork. A sign that takes up the majority of the allocated wall space is a good start. Since we work with a broad range of materials, we can create dramatic, three-dimensional and sleek markers that impress with matte and glossy finishes.
  • Window graphics. Adding window graphics to glass partitions, actual windows and office doors is an excellent means of beautifying the space. If the lettering is not to your liking, consider the use of frosted vinyl sheets. Combined with etched accents and logo-shaped cutouts, you tie together the presentation of your symbol and the beautification of your space.
  • Wall graphics. Do not discount the power of wall graphics. Whether you select a whole-wall mural or opt for die-cut graphics instead, these products have the power to change the look and feel of your space overnight.

Ordering lobby signs, wall art and conference room window graphics in Winston-Salem, NC, is easy. Contact our graphic artists to discuss your office signage needs with a specialist. We work with you to put together a comprehensive package that complements the atmosphere you are seeking to create. If you only need one or two signage components, we can help you with this as well. Call us today to get started.

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