Want Lobby Signs That Stand Out? Here Are Some Ideas

Lobby signs are far more than labels. They are powerful, influential symbols that represent what your business stands for and strives to achieve. And just as importantly, high-quality lobby signs act as signals that tell your customers, suppliers, vendors, and other visitors that your business’s best days are ahead of you.

Here at The Sign Factory, we work closely with each of our customers to help them understand their options, and ultimately choose the eye-catching lobby signs that fit their needs, goals, and budget. Here are just some of the possibilities that might be perfect for your environment:

Polished Brass on Standoffs

One of the most stylish, professional, and impressive lobby sign ideas is to combine a polished brass logo and brass letters on small standoffs (these are used to secure the sign to the wall). What makes this sign option so special is that it is highly noticeable, yet sophisticated and professional — which makes it ideal for healthcare and B2B corporate environments.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters give lobby signs an impressive 3D look and can be customized to precisely match corporate style standards (i.e. colors, fonts, typeface, size, etc.). They are among the most popular custom office signs, and it is easy to see and understand why!

Acrylic & Dimensional Logo/Letters

Another attention-getting lobby sign idea is to combine an acrylic panel with a dimensional cut acrylic logo and letters. The result is a brilliant blend of style, sophistication, creativity, and professionalism. Also, note that these types of custom office signs can be designed to accommodate either a light or dark underlying wall color.

Custom Acrylic Letters & Logo

Custom painted acrylic letters/logo are a fabulous idea for lobby signs. They are affordable, install easily, completely customizable, and instead of a panel, they use the lobby wall itself for a background — which creates a unique look and feel that both employees and visitors appreciate.

Illuminated Reverse Lit Channel Letters

One of the most impressive and eye-catching types of lobby signs is using illuminated reverse lit channel letters. This design gives the impression that the letters have “materialized” out of thin air. The energy-efficient LED lighting can be in any color, and truly brighten any office environment.

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The above are just some of the many types of custom lobby signs that we can create to help your business stand out and make a positive impression day after day. To learn more contact us today to arrange your complimentary signage consultation.