Wayfinding Solutions for Charlotte Shopping Centers

How easy is it for people to find their way around your Charlotte shopping center? Can customers locate a store simply using the signage in place? Is it easy to find the entrance to the center, as well as the way to exit? These are some of the questions that you should ask when determining whether you are in need of new or updated signage, as well as figuring out which type of signage to use.

Wayfinding signage is the combination of tools, processes and technologies that enable people to find their way to a destination. The destination, in this case, is your business premise, where presumably they will make a purchase from one of your tenants. The adequacy of the tools that you adopt can be measured by the ease of locating your premises, the number of customers who call for directions and customer complains you get about getting lost.

It is important for you as the owner or management of your shopping center to identify the type of signage that will work best given your store types, location, target customers and business strategy.

The effects of implement the ineffective signage can include impaired sales, reduced brand visibility and low profits, which can ultimately result in fewer tenants at your center. This is something you wish to avoid, I’m sure.

Some of the tools that shopping centers adopt are entrance signs, directories, directional signage and parking signage.

  • Before the customer even arrives at your center, providing directional signage will help them avoid getting lost and entering the wrong location.
  • Having a monument sign at the entrance is reassurance for guests to know they are at the right location. In addition, providing a sign with a list of stores is also helpful.
  • When customers arrive at your shopping center, they should immediately and easily be able to determine where to go. Having directional signage located at each point of entrance in order to keep visitors on track aids smoother traffic conditions and happier guests.
  • Parking signage is important as well. Parking signage tells customers where they can park and not park. Handicap parking signs should be clear and easy to find. Having clear loading zones marked helps as well.
  • Directories are by far the widest used form of wayfinding signage. Having several directories at different areas in your centers greatly help customers enjoy their visit more. They are an economical form of both advertising and showing the location of the stores in your center. Directories are a mainstay for shopping centers of all types. They have worked well in the past and continue to be a success in helping customers find their way while at the center. Making sure that your directories are up to date and accurate are important to shoppers that are looking for their shopping destination. This will create less stress for shoppers, which gives them better memories of their experiences at your center. This increases the likelihood of them returning to your center versus going to another.

When you implement a smart wayfinding signage solutions for your center, it helps to make sure that all of your signage compliments each other, as well as the location and style of building. This makes a great first impression that lasts.

When considering new wayfinding signage at your Charlotte shopping center, it is wise to contact The Sign Factory to discuss what your options are. We will need to survey your center to accurately give you a proper assessment. Whether you are looking for a single new sign, or a complete update of all your signage, we are experienced and professional providing great customer service. Call us at 704-321-0040.

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