What are Some Benefits of Lightbox Cabinet Signs for a Charlotte Business?

There are lightbox cabinet signs all over the Charlotte area. Many different types of businesses use them for marketing and branding, such as restaurants, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, real estate agencies and auto repair shops. Due to their internal fluorescent lighting, they are easily seen by those that are walking or driving by – whether it’s day or night.

Why are lightbox cabinet signs so popular with businesses all over our area? Here are some reasons why:

  • They are made to last: These lit signs are made to last a long time. They are not made to be temp signs. They are very durable, withstanding wind and rain. The Charlotte sun is also no match for these signs, as the translucent polycarbonate or acrylic face materials resist fading. So, you can be assured that your investment will last and remain in excellent condition year after year.
  • They can be customized for your business’s needs: Lightbox cabinets come in different sizes, as well as shapes. Their faces are designed to compliment your current branding and marketing. The Sign Factory can match the fonts and colors of your new lightbox cabinet sign to ensure consistent branding with your others tools.
  • They have different display options: They can be displayed as a monument sign, mounted on a building or attached on a pole. The Sign Factory can survey your building to determine which display option would be best for your marketing needs.
  • Lightbox signs can be moved: If your business expands or you need to move to a new location for some other reason, these sign types can be moved along with you. We have the skills to remove and reinstall them for you.
  • They allow your business to be easily noticed all day: Lightbox cabinet signs can be set to a timer to shine when the sun goes down or can be lit all day long. With your sign shining, people will notice this tool regardless of the time of day or even if it’s a rainy day. A lit sign obviously gets more eyes on it then a sign without illumination.

The Sign Factory specializes in creating great signs for Charlotte’s businesses. We also understand that there are permitting concerns that may need to be addressed. This is why we can facilitate the permit process for you.

If your Charlotte business is in need of a sign for your business, perhaps a lightbox cabinet sign is your best option. Feel free to give us a call, tell us your story, and we will help you decide. We offer a great variety of sign options that will surely make your business shine. Give us a call today at 704-321-0040.

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