3 Ways Charlotte Vehicle Wraps Will Help Your Brand

If your business is looking for a high-impact and low-cost way to stand out and apart in Charlotte’s crowded and competitive marketplace, then top-quality vehicle wraps from The Sign Factory could be your ideal solution. Below are three key ways that our Charlotte vehicle wraps will help your brand:

  1. Drive Awareness through RepetitionHave you ever wondered why businesses spend so much money on television and radio advertising – often thousands of dollars for just a few seconds of broadcast time? It’s not so they can necessarily catch customers “in the right place at the right time.” Rather, it’s primarily because scientific research studies confirm that repetition and response are linked. In other words: the more often a customer encounters a brand, the more the more likely they are to choose and recommend that brand.Vehicle wraps in Charlotte, NC can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day – and that’s just for a single vehicle! Wrapping a fleet of vehicles can easily lead to more than 1 million aggregated impressions per day.
  2. Compete with Large EnterprisesCharlotte vehicle wraps help small or mid-sized business look like a Fortune 500 company, but for a fraction of the cost of big-ticket marketing and advertising options (e.g. TV ads, billboards, etc.). You don’t have to buy a Super Bowl ad to look like your business could easily afford one!
  3. Go to where your target market is located.With vehicle wraps, you are not limited to advertising in a specific location. You can literally go to where your target market is located to dramatically boost brand awareness, and ultimately onboard a stream of profitable customers.

For example, if you make and sell Charlotte’s best gourmet ice cream sandwiches, you can drive your wrapped vehicle to residential areas.  You might also travel to baseball diamonds and soccer fields on the weekends, where it will be seen by thousands of people who will suddenly think to themselves: “Having gourmet ice cream sandwiches at our party would be perfect – I need to call that company or visit their website ASAP!”

Boost Your Visibility With Charlotte Vehicle Wraps

For a complimentary consultation on how vehicle wraps will help your brand and boost your bottom line, contact us today. Discover why we are the leader for vehicle wraps in Charlotte, NC!