Brushed Aluminum Lobby Signs for Charlotte Immigration Law Firm

Located at 5600 77 Center Drive in Suite 310, the Charlotte Immigration Law Firm assists individuals, families and businesses who need help with immigration and naturalization related issues. The lawyers at this firm understand the broad range of visa options open to professionals and individuals. When it came time to add a lobby sign to brand its location, the law firm’s management team contacted the signage experts at The Sign Factory for help.

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Signs for Law Firms in Charlotte, NC

We discussed the signage need with the firm’s representatives. It made sense to select a metal, which is a very common choice for companies in the legal field. Metal asserts longevity and commitment, which are major marketing points for those engaged in law practice. In this case, we created a brushed stainless steel look with dimensional lettering cut from metal. The style elements are identical to the lettering found on the law firm’s website. Prospective clients who have checked out the business online easily remember the look, which enhances name recognition and brand awareness.

Opting for the Right Look

Although metal is a favorite material for attorneys as well as accountants, your business may have entirely different needs. No matter what your overall office atmosphere and branding messages might be, we can help. For example, acrylic is another material that is ideal for use with dimensional lettering displays. We die-cut the letters, which ensures crisp edges.

That said, you could also use acrylic boards as backdrops for the lobby marker’s information. In some cases, our business clients like to use a clear acrylic board to which we then mount dimensional letters made from acrylic or metal. This look creates a three-dimensional appearance that is as attractive as it is artistic. When your signage need is a highly intricate display of changing colors, we recommend the use of a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay placed on an acrylic board.

For an impressive 3D presentation, we propose the use of foam. With depths of up to three inches, it is possible to create reception area signage that doubles as focal points of your main foyer wall. Colorful presentations or even single-color displays turn these types of signs into excellent branding tools that command attention. We work with your management staff to select wall art that does not detract from the look your new sign brings to your space. We can paint the foam and also add laminates of metal or acrylic for a more impressive appearance.

Ordering Your Lobby Signage

Contact our graphic artists when you need dimensional letter lobby signs for law firms in Charlotte, NC, or any other type of lobby marker for a broad range of business uses. We specialize in the design of signage products that expertly bespeak your approach to doing business. If needed, we can also work with materials that are not generally used in the trade. Examples include marble, glass and wood. These products help bring out a very specific branding message for the right type of company. Contact us today to discuss your lobby sign needs and to get started on your order.