Can an Online Sign Company Pass the Sign Design Project Management Test?

Can an Online Sign Company Pass the Sign Design Project Management Test?

Have you been looking for someone to handle your next signage job? Are you paying close attention to the online sign companies that offer to print any sign you order according to your specifications? Does the low cost coupled with the easy drag-and-drop design functions tempt you to sign up? Before you make the final decision, ask yourself if these outfits pass the sign design project management test.

A Dedicated Representative Creates a Process Protocol for Your Project

When you inquire about a vehicle wrap, our project management expert understands that this type of signage product calls for taking measurements, selecting the right vinyl for the task, designing the layout and getting your approval, and setting up the installation appointment complete with scheduled prep time. Conversely, if you are thinking of adding a channel letter building sign to your façade, this project needs an entirely different approach, which includes a site survey and permitting process. An online sign company does not offer you this level of planning.

Speaking of Permitting and Installations

The other problem associated with the drag-and-drop design companies is the lack of hands-on customer care. Even if the printer turns out a beautifully created sign, your zoning inspector may ask you to take it down simply because it may be the wrong size or not allowed in your area. Also, you are on the hook for putting the sign up in the first place. Do you want to spend a weekend reading instructions and doing a task that takes an experienced installer little more than an hour? And by the time you hire someone to do the task, you might be surprised to learn that for just a little more you could have worked with a graphic designer to put together the product.

Focus on What You Do Best and Let Us Handle the Rest

You know your business. We know ours. Why take time away from growing your company and serving customers to put together a signage project? Our experts handle the project management aspect, do the design, and install the product at your specified location. We keep you informed every step of the way and offer you alternatives that can take a sign from great to wow. Moreover, we ensure that your marker helps you to stand out not just among the local business community but also from the nearest competitor. In the process, we respond to your directions, make changes to the design as needed, and provide you with proofs that let you see exactly what the finished product will look like before you give us the go-ahead for the manufacturer.

Talk to a Full-service Sign Shop Expert about Your Next Project

In the final analysis, the online companies are little more than print shops. They will most likely do a fine job printing whatever you ask them to manufacture, but only an expert in the field can tell you whether it is what you actually need. Do not throw your money away. Work with our full-service sign shop professionals and benefit from our sign design project management expertise.

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