Charlotte Fashion Store Marketing with Window Graphics

If you’re the owner or manager of a Charlotte small business, then you are all too familiar with the never-ending struggle of keeping your marketing efforts affordable and effective. One method that is too often overlooked is window graphic advertising. Although a simple concept, window graphics can be vitally beneficial to the growth of your business for the following reasons:

  • Unlike other signage, window graphics usually do not require city permits
  • Window graphics are a simple way to utilize space you already have available
  • The right display can bring attention to your storefront, thus attracting more customers
  • Graphics are customizable, so you can design whatever image and word combinations that best serve your purpose.

Window graphics for fashion stores

Aside from these basic benefits of general window graphics, there is also value in window graphics designed specifically for fashion store marketing. Fashion is a visual industry; clothes and accessories are designed to artistically complement each other. A window graphic that displays a unique outfit or highlights a great pair of heels can draw in customers looking for something similar. If your storefront is pleasing to the eye, then passers-by will assume the inside of your store is the same and will likely consider it one worth visiting.

In addition to the visual appeal of window graphics, another benefit for fashion store marketers is the versatility of this type of advertising. Because the fashion industry is constantly evolving, the ability to easily change your window graphics is invaluable. With such flexibility, you can confidently display the newest runway trends or your current product sales and specials. With each holiday, you can easily create a graphic to show what’s in style for the season. Want to push a particular piece? Design a window graphic that flaunts the piece, and watch customers ask to see the product in person.

Another benefit fashion store owners should consider when deciding whether or not to use window graphics is their affordability. Of course, the cost varies depending on the graphics size, but when considering the lasting impact of window graphics compared to other forms of advertising, it’s a reasonably priced investment.

If your storefront windows are bare, you are missing out a great opportunity to inspire shoppers to walk into your shop to see what styles you offer them. You have all this marketing space already, be smart and use it to attract new shoppers and perhaps a few repeat shoppers.

The Sign Factory has in-house designers that can skillfully create window graphic designs that will be sure to attract attention to your Charlotte fashion store. Your designs will be custom created to suit the style you want to project to others and to attract the customers you are looking for.

After we design, we print using high-quality materials, then we will expertly install your graphics on your storefront. If you have old graphics already displayed, we can easily remove them for you before we install your new fresh looks.

Be sure to give us a call at 704-321-0040 so we get to brighten up to fashion storefront windows and get more people in your store in 2014!