Custom Window Lettering in Charlotte NC? We Do That!

Are you ready to make a great impression on passersby? Maybe you would like to reel in just a little extra foot traffic. With custom window lettering in Charlotte, NC, you can do that – and more! What exactly are your options?

Show off a Name and Logo

Window lettering is considered a supporting sign product for your main building marker. The channel letters or electrical cabinet that display prominently on the façade are wayfinding tools that present large versions of your corporate identity to the consumer. They feature built-in illumination as opposed to dimensional letters, which are unlit.

But because not every consumer approaches the business from a direction that offers an excellent view of the building’s signage, window letters, and an accompanying logo graphic, present the same information on a smaller scale. We recommend placing this information on your door glass as well as on the window glass panels.

Inform about Store Hours, Contact Information, and Social Media Engagement Opportunities

Consumers get frustrated when they cannot get the information they need when they want it. If someone visits your company after you close, having your hours of operation on display is a proactive means of becoming a line item in the consumer’s schedule. S/He can now plan to return when you are open for business.

You do not have to limit your display to just the hours of operation. Plenty of local business owners seize the opportunity to present contact information in the form of a phone number, website address, or email. Those who also want to increase consumer engagement on social media will give Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest handles. Doing so opens the door to more interactions between customers and the business.

Advertise Sales and Engage in Promotional Branding

Envision your retail establishment’s windows featuring large, solid vinyl letters that only say “Sale.” While everyone else litters their windows with posters and difficult-to-make-out information, you present a larger-than-life notice of your promotion. This practice sets you apart as the store that does not need gimmicks and an overage of sales copy to bring in shoppers. In fact, you may find that your customers will be intrigued by your approach, which reels in foot traffic with ease.

Colorful or White Vinyl? You Choose!

With vinyl window letters for Charlotte businesses, you firmly sit in the driver’s seat. You decide whether you want a colorful presentation that ties in with your corporate tones. Conversely, plenty of clients have opted for standard white lettering instead, which offers a neat, clean appearance and fits in with any color scheme you currently employ at your business. For a little something that is unusual, why not consider the use of a specialty vinyl such as reflective or holographic plastic?

Displaying Custom Window Lettering in Charlotte, NC

Contact our vinyl material experts to discuss your plans for adding window letters to your business’ marketing and branding tools. We help you think through the layout, the information you would like consumers to see, and the best design options for your particular needs.

Call us today so we can set up a time to work on your project!