Dimensional Aluminium Brushed Metal Letters Give Lobbies a Professional Look

Situated at 500 Ridgefield Court in Asheville, Dixon Hughes Goodman is an established client at The Sign Factory. In the past, we designed, manufactured and installed interior reverse-lit channel letters for the Charlotte-South Park location of the company’s lobby. Other signage products we tackled included wall graphics for the new corporate headquarters, cloud channel letters with push-thru acrylic lettering and logos as interior decor. Additionally, we worked on digitally printed graphics product for the company’s break room. This time around, the company contacted us to create dimensional aluminum brushed metal letters in Asheville, NC.

Brushed Metal Letters are Ideal for Multiple Signage Applications

Perhaps the most common use for brushed aluminum letters is the design of a lobby sign. The material is ideal for painting or taking on a particular metal finish, mounting with standoffs or attaching flush to a wall, and for combining with LEDs for illuminated interior lobby signage. The latter is a trend that has been emerging for a while but it quickly finding acceptance in all industries. This look is always professional.

Brushed finishes also refer to other materials. Examples include brass, copper, and stainless steel. If this look does not appeal to you, consider the display of shiny metal, which looks fantastic when indirectly illuminated. For signs that receive natural daylight illumination, a matte finish can be a better option. That said, remember that you are not limited by envisioning this material only for lobby sign displays. Directional displays, room labels, directories and the presentation of mottos, taglines or quotes in conference rooms or training areas is just as easily done with metal dimensional letters.

Beyond the Letter

When you want to move away from the collection of dimensional letters, we recommend the use of engraved metal boards or metal plaques. The use of routed or cast metal creates a unique look that greatly enhances the atmosphere in your office. Depending on your overall interior décor, this type of presentation can come across as being a nod to old-fashioned business practices, cutting edge innovation or a post-modern attitude.

Whether you do business out of a wood-paneled office setting or in a chrome, glass and marble class “A” office building, metal plaques make ideal lobby signs, directional markers or wayfinding products. Due to the requirement for tactile pictographs and Braille 2 on some room signs, metal plaques are suitable for signage that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Discussing Your Metal Signage Order with the Experts

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about brushed metal letter lobby signs in Asheville, NC, as well as the other signage products that rely on this material. We work with you or your management team to put together a look that expertly communicates your branding message. Also, we help you to meet ADA standards as needed. When you would like to learn more about metal plaques, we gladly show you samples that give you an opportunity to see the signage like a first-time visitor to your office would. Contact us today to get started on your project.