Vinyl Window Perf for Fleet Vans in Matthews NC

Located at 701 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Conbraco Industries is a vibrant part of the Apollo Valves services menu. When this company’s management team decided that it was time to take its vehicle marketing message to the next level, its representatives contacted our graphic artists to discuss the installation of perforated vinyl window display products.

Designing, Manufacturing and Installing a Vehicle Vinyl Window Perf in Matthews, NC

Perforated vinyl displays are ideal for mobile marketing. They install to the rear and side windows of any vehicle. Because of the perforated surfaces, the product allows the driver to see out the window. Because of the imprint, anyone seeing the vehicle from the outside only notices the marketing message.

In the case of our client, the vehicle is a new Mercedes Sprinter high-rise van. The vinyl display features the colors of Apollo Valves and Lasco Fittings, which both relate to the Conbraco Industries business. The client chose a dual, horizontal stripe look that presents the company’s color, name and logo on the rear window as well as on the rear side windows. The stripes on the sides exhibit with a gradually fading color strength that adds visual interest to the design.

Window Perf Uses and Advantages

Our clients like the use of window displays for a variety of reasons.

  • Continue a full or partial wrap. When our clients commission a full or partial wrap, the design would typically end where the glass surfaces begin. With a perf, the design can continue. This practice succeeds in presenting consumers with a marketing message that looks and feels complete.
  • Highlight specialty products. For vehicle treatments that rely on spot graphics or lettering packages, the use of a perf is an add-on that allows the client to commission a new marketing message to be placed on the vehicle at any time. This display may be seasonal, may feature information about a new product or service, or highlight updated contact information.
  • Generate name recognition and brand awareness. As you see on the Mercedes Sprinter van, there is precious little in the way of a “buy me” message. Instead, this product is an instrumental tool in the company’s decision to turn a business’ name into one that is familiar to consumers.
  • Create a cohesive fleet look. Even if the design of wraps or graphics among your fleet vehicles varies slightly, the addition of an identical perf product succeeds in tying together the look. Also, the vinyl is a budget-friendly marketing tool that is ideal for larger fleets.

Discussing the Design of Your Next Window Marketing Display with our Graphic Artists

If we have inspired you to take a close look at ordering a vehicle vinyl window perf in Matthews, NC, contact our graphic artists to discuss your fleet vehicle graphics options. We work with you to decide on the right look, color display and installation setup. If you already have a print product installed on your vehicles, we will incorporate the look of the perforated vinyl for a consistent presentation. Of course, if you would like us to add a graphics package to the rest of the vehicle, we can help you with this project, too. Contact us today to get started.

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