Dimensional Letter Building Sign for Braddock Metallurgical!

Located at 4110 Sam Wilson Road, Braddock Metallurgical serves the industry with a broad range of services and products. Whether it is furnace brazing, nitriding or aluminum heat-treating, the company’s eight facilities offer these and other processing options. With the newest facility opening up in Charlotte, the company’s management team contacted the graphics specialists at The Sign Factory to create a building sign.

Since dimensional lettering building signs for industrial enterprises in Charlotte, NC, are the most popular design option, the management team chose to follow suit. Black lettering now identifies the name of the company while red letters, in a smaller font, introduce the company’s niche of “quality metal treating.” To the left, you see the logo display that incorporates black, red and white colors. Installed near the roof line of the building, this sign welcomes visitors and customers alike.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Local Businesses

Manufacturing plants, factories and companies located in industrial areas favor the look of dimensional letters because of the clarity this type of marker brings to a façade. Because the widths of these facades are usually larger than what you would find with a storefront or office building, our technicians can adjust the sizing of the lettering to present with the right height and width to accommodate displays on these expenses.

Another factor in favor of this signage type is the absence of illumination. The majority of these types of companies do business during regular hours when ambient lighting is sufficient for signage recognition. After hours, the only visitors to the location are employees who do not need to rely on lit signage to guide them to the entrance. Moreover, management teams appreciate the fact that dimensional letters can show off the company’s colors easily.

Choosing the Right Sign for Your Company

Of course, you do have other options. Some manufacturers prefer box cabinets. In addition to providing the illumination option for the façade, the large size of the sign’s facing makes it possible to display more than a name and logo. Business owners, who want to point toward professional affiliations or mention niche products that are being sold or produced there, rely on this type of sign.

It is also possible to combine the use of dimensional letters with a box cabinet for additional information. In some cases, you might also choose to display an aluminum board with a vinyl overlay that provides passersby with the niche-specific details you want to communicate. Again, this is an unlit sign that does not possess the illumination capabilities a box cabinet would bring to the table.

Discussing Your Products with the Experts

Contact our graphic artists to discuss the design and manufacture of dimensional letter building signs in Charlotte, NC. We work with you to find the right materials, colors and fonts to represent your business. In addition, we can provide you with additional options to show off taglines, mottos or niche information. Whether you favor the dimensional letter design, or you would like to know more about box cabinets as well as other signage products, contact our experts today to get more information.

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