Escape Hour Invites with Illuminated Cabinet Sign in Charlotte!

Have you ever watched the television game show that pits two teams against one another to escape from identical rooms? Working together, these contestants must solve riddles, puzzles and apply a good dose of common sense to word plays. Charlotte locals now have the opportunity to play this game as well. Located at 9301-A Monroe Road, the Escape Hour offers fun and honest creative thinking. While there is no cash prize, participating in person is a lot more fun than watching this type of game on TV. When it came time to add a building sign that would brand the business, the company’s management staff contacted The Sign Factory.

Illuminated Cabinet Signs for Charlotte, NC

The framed cabinet features an exact replica of the company’s logo display on the website. This is an ideal setup for online customers who remember the logo of making a reservation for an event. The cabinet also hints at the nature of the game that participants get to play when they visit to take their reserved spots. The white background of the facing expertly accentuates the vibrant colors of the lettering and decorative style elements. When lit, this sign stands out against the brick wall to which we mounted it.

Why Choose Cabinet Signs?

With so many options open for building signage – cabinets, channel and dimensional letters as well as logo boards – you might wonder what makes this signage solution such a good choice. There are, in fact, multiple reasons for choosing a box cabinet to brand and market your location.

For starters, the shape of the box is negotiable. Although the majority of our clients choose a geometric design, it is possible to shape the cabinet into the form of your logo. This assists with generating brand awareness and name recognition. The facing may be white or take on a colorful appearance that reminds of your company’s colors. When combined with an unusual shape, this is a natural eye-catcher.

Another advantage of this exterior sign product is the availability of space on the facing to display artistic style elements and additional information about your company. This is not really something you easily accomplish with dimensional or channel letters. The facing of the box cabinet, on the other hand, welcomes the additional information and thereby allows you to explain your niche, get creative with the logo and entice consumers with just a little added information about your company.

Ordering Lightbox Cabinet Signs in Charlotte, NC

When you are ready to invite consumers to your storefront with a sign that is sure to get you plenty of attention, contact our professionals for more information. We work with your management team to design a sign that represents your brand and invites consumers to give your business a closer look. We work with you on the incorporation of your artwork and style elements that help consumers make the transition from your Internet presence to your brick and mortar store. If needed, we can also help you design a great looking logo and name display from the ground up. Contact us today to get started.