Get Ready for Spring with Point of Purchase Signs

Psychologists agree that you can increase your sales simply by adding the point of purchase signs. Charlotte retailers and service providers have been able to work with these signage products over the last few decades and tend to agree. The goal of these markers is the encouragement of the impulse buy or even just the impulse visit. You address consumers who may not have considered a visit to your store and encourage them to make a snap decision to come on in.

4 Suggestions for Point of Purchase Signs!

To this end, we suggest four effective signage products for this spring.

1. A-Frames

Placed onto the sidewalk into the flow of foot traffic, they are highly visible and difficult to ignore. Pedestrians have to navigate around the A-frames to walk on. Catch the eye of shoppers with messages that promise a gift with a purchase or a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Spring is the time of spring-cleaning, which of course calls for new things to replace the items being tossed out. This is why your A-frame has the power to start a conversation that shoppers then finish inside your store.

2. Window Graphics

You already know window graphics as the premier way of advertising on glass panes that you do not need for actively displaying your merchandise. However, did you also know that you could use these graphics to appeal to a shopper’s need for commitment? Buyers want to make a commitment to a brand to which they can become loyal. The trick here is to get the shopper to try out a product while starting a dialog. Use the graphics to offer product samples, encourage shoppers to try out the items right then and there – when feasible – and offer sign-up options for online newsletters or text notifications on the spot.

3. Banners

Nothing signals a special event, must-see sale and deep discounts like a banner. Gear it specifically toward spring and make a great impression on consumers with colorful displays of promoted products. Remember that you can use vinyl banners outside as well as on the inside. Repeating the sales message on the inside is a great way of continuing the excitement and buzz that your exterior marker may have stirred up.

4. Impulse POP Signs by the Cash Register

The POP signs Charlotte retailers and service providers rely on at this juncture aim to remind customers of merchandise that is related to their transactions, which actually might enhance their overall satisfaction with the experience. If you are a hair stylist, put your most popular hair care products right next to the register and add signage for the more expensive items. This enhances the odds that the shopper will pair a popular shampoo with a high-end conditioner or styling gel.

The Sign Factory experts understand that spring is an excellent opportunity to win new customers and encourage current ones to try something new. Appeal to the sense of change and renewal that comes with the season. When you talk to our skilled point of purchase sign professionals, we work with you to design the right types of signage products that fit in well with your current marker setup.

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