How to Use Indoor Signs to Make a Good Impression

For any business, no matter the trade, indoor signage is both useful and necessary. They can help guide customers throughout your offices, store, or facility. Signs also let people know what you offer, what’s on the menu, or your current specials or promotions.

But perhaps most importantly, indoor signage announces to visitors exactly where they are and what you’re about, and all it takes is a glance.

However, some signs are more effective than others. Take a look at the types of custom interior signs for business that make a large impact and schedule a consultation with The Sign Factory in Charlotte to get started!

Tips for Impactful and Useful Indoor Signage

A useful sign clearly conveys information that customers need to know.

Brand Signage Needs to Repeat Indoors

Your sign on the outside of the building may have drawn a customer into your business. Reinforce that good first impression and reassure them that they’re in the right place with a professional sign indoors, like lobby signs or custom interior signs. It can go a long way toward making first-time visitors feel more comfortable right away versus unsure and out-of-place.

Give Directions on Indoor Signs

People appreciate signs that tell them what to do or where to go. Implement this strategy to continue with the theme of helpful guidance.

A few examples include business lobby signs that clearly denote the location of the public restrooms, signs that break the space down into categories to make finding merchandise easier, signs that direct customers to where they can check out, or directory signs located near the entrance that will guide visitors throughout your building or premises.

Keep It Clear and Simple

Avoid the mistake of trying to stuff too much information on a sign. Instead of helping, this makes the sign hard to read and potentially confusing. After all, who wants to study a sign for five minutes to figure out its meaning?

A sign is supposed to provide assistance with one glance.

To this end, make sure all your interior signage is clear and readable, too. They should be easy to read from a distance as well as up close. There also shouldn’t be too many design elements getting in the way of the message you’re trying to convey.

The right signs can set your business apart from the pack. For professional indoor signs, count on The Sign Factory in Charlotte. Get a free quote or work with our team for custom interior signs for your business.