Is Your Business Missing These Important Office Signs?

When businesses think of custom signs in Charlotte, NC, they usually picture architectural signage that is installed outside the building so prospective customers can find their location. While outdoor signs are very important, custom interior office signs are equally important and should be considered a very essential part of any successful business. Custom interior office signs have the important job of dispensing information, making your office space look professional, and projecting a sense of order and clarity to whoever visits your space. Without the right interior signage, you’re missing an opportunity to elevate your business and your brand.

Custom interior office signs can be designed to match the décor of your building and to incorporate all of your brand elements. Professional office signs are a very effective tool when it comes to enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.

Top Office Signs That Support Business Success

When it comes to choosing custom signs in Charlotte, NC that will amplify your business, you want to be sure that the signs you select help to create the right image for your office. We’ve compiled a list below of interior signage options that are a must have for any professional office environment.

  1. Lobby Signs: Lobby signage is the most powerful and impactful type of sign in your office. It’s the first thing clients notice when they enter your office and it single-handedly sets the tone and mood for the experience that they can expect to have. Because a good lobby sign can do so much for your business, it’s critical to ensure that the sign you use is up to date and in good condition. When it comes to creating your signs, know that the design, color, and material options are vast, which means you can certainly find the right sign for your brand.
  2. Conference Room And Office Door Signs: If you want your office environment to look professional, it’s essential to have signed for conference rooms and office doors. There are a variety of options when it comes to name plaques that go up on office doors, with brushed metal being the most popular option. Name plates and door signs can be custom made to fit your office environment.
  3. ADA & Wayfinding Signs: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the features that signs are required to have so that they are inclusive to all people with disabilities. By not installing proper ADA compliant signs, your business remains open to costly fines and lawsuits.

Additionally, if you also forgo a proper wayfinding signage strategy, your risk customers feeling lost and annoyed when they’re in your office building. Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about where to go and whom to speak to. Using panel and post signs, wayfinding directories with arrows, hanging markers, and identification signs make it easy for all visitors to make their way around your office.

Wall Graphics & Window Graphics: These type of custom interior office signs can have a huge impact on the atmosphere at your office. From creating a high-energy environment, to a restful backdrop, wall or window graphics can provide custom imagery that is specific to your niche market. They can also be used to add privacy for employees and customers, or used to educate visitors on the milestones and achievements of your business.

Use Custom Signs In Charlotte, NC To Revitalize Your Office Space

Custom interior office signs are an investment every company should make. They add to your image of professionalism and help to gain the trust of your customers. In order to create a unified and cohesive look, start by contacting an experienced signage company that can listen to your needs and offer you options that are specific to your business. The Sign Factory has the ability to create the signs you need, when you need them. Our innovative and experienced team has what it takes to transform your office using custom interior signage created to support your business. Contact us today to request a consultation.