Make Your Charlotte Restaurant Stand Out with Channel Letters

Channel letters are very common in shopping centers, big box stores, healthcare centers and corporate buildings, as well as restaurants. Even though channel letters can be more expensive than other forms of signage, this type of signage is the chosen signage solution mandated by the management of many centers because of the professional and respectful image that they project to those passing by.

Channel letters give the impression of permanence indicating that you are going to be in business for years to come. People like to know that they are supporting a business that has long-term goals instead of a business that appears to be a fly by night business.

When people passing by notice a new set of channel letters on a building, curiosity grows. When they discover that these channel letter signs are for a restaurant in the Charlotte area, they become even more curious. It is a fact that people love to dine out. Walk into any well-known restaurant, that offers great food and good service, in the evening and you see this for yourself.

In the Charlotte area, the amount and variety of restaurants can be fun for a dinner, but perhaps not as much for a restaurant owner or the marketing team. Making sure that your dining establishment gets noticed is so vital to the success of your business. Standing out in the busyness of people shopping, doing errands, and working, will better assure that more diners will experience the excellent customer service that you offer and, of course, the delicious food that you offer.

One of the best ways to get noticed is with exterior channel letters. Here are some reasons why:

  • Exterior channel letters make it easy for people to locate your restaurant. If you are on Yelp, Google, or Facebook and get discovered online through these sources, making it easy to see your restaurant is important. Channel letters will accomplish this. Illuminated exterior channel letters boost the visibility of your restaurant even more. Illuminated channel letters are important if you are open for business in the evening, as well as for stormy days.
  • Exterior channel letters make a great first impression. When people dine out, they want to enjoy an environment that is clean, comfortable and serves fresh food. As strange as it may sound, the exterior of your restaurant and the signage your choose does give them impressions regarding these factors. With old and outdated signage, what impression do you think people passing by will have? With only banners or window perf, do you think people will easily notice your establishment? Think about the impressions you make of competing restaurants by the signage that they choose to display. Modern illuminated channel letters to convey a clean, comfortable and fresh food impression.
  • Channel letters increase branding identity. Channel letters are customized to represent your business including the logo, the colors, the fonts and tone. The more people see your personalized colors, fonts and logo, the more they recognize your Charlotte restaurant. If you utilize TV commercials, website ads, or vehicle wraps to advertise your restaurant, and they pass by your restaurant, your channel letters will stick out to them and reinforce your branding even more.

Casa Rita’s understands the importance of restaurant branding and the use of channel letters. Their custom design stands out and is unique. Their channel letters are placed high on their building so that passing traffic will easily see their signage and become aware that they are open for business. These channel letters will surely build curiosity, give off the great first impression, and entice people to enter their restaurant to try out some of their delicious Mexican food.

The Sign Factory enjoys helping Charlotte restaurants enhance their branding by providing them with superior signage like channel letters and other signage needs. We can be reached at 704-321-0040.