New Beautiful Dimensional Letter Business Sign for TruSleep Organics in Charlotte, NC

TruSleep Organics in Charlotte, NC is a husband and wife owned store that specializes in organic, non-toxic mattresses. When they opened their new retail store in Ballantyne in the Cedar Walk shopping center, they were in need of a new sign so that residents would be aware that they were in business.

After consulting with Mr. and Mrs. Hardy, they decided on the dimensional letter business sign that is pictured in this article. The Sign Factory designed, fabricated and expertly installed these letters. Now when people are eating at Cast Iron Waffles or visiting Cedar Walk, they are informed that they have a new healthy option for purchasing mattresses in the Charlotte area.

These dimensional letters were custom designed to match the font that was matched to their current branding. This branding consistency helps customers that have found their mattress store first on their website. When they travel to the store, they can easily identify it due to their consistent branding.

Dimensional letters are a smart choice for businesses that are looking for business identity and branding. Here are some reasons why:

  • Professional looking: A store that has dimensional letters installed on their building has a professional appearance that can earn the respect of residents and those visiting the area.
  • Customization: Dimensional letters have the ability to be customized to match your current branding. You can choose from any font, customize the colors, and choose the size that you need.
  • Different material options: These letters can be created in the material of your choice. Some of the options are PVC, acrylic, aluminum, wood and others. When you call The Sign Factory, we can discuss which is best for your business.
  • Can withstand weather elements: Dimensional letters that are created for outdoor use, are designed to tolerate different weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow. So, you can rest assured that your letters will be safe in these elements.

There are so many reasons why dimensional letters are beneficial for Charlotte area businesses and the options for creating them for your business are many. The Sign Factory can help you discover the best fonts, colors, materials and sizes that you would be proud to display for your business branding needs. Give us a call today at 704-321-0040.